These Stunning Photographs Look Like The Last Of Us In Real Life

The art direction of The Last Of Us is arguably its greatest triumph: the broken down buildings, nature encroaching, reclaiming its territory.

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ABeastNamedTariq2288d ago

I feel like I've seen a few of those pictures somewhere. I think it was when the game was initially revealed. And if I'm right, then these pictures were indeed some inspiration for TLOU.

Reverent2288d ago

According to these picture's full collection names, it appears they were just photos of random "haunted" or "decayed" areas around the world.

They definitely look like they could have at least inspired TLOU though. Some of these pictures look straight out of the game.

ifritAlkhemyst2288d ago

Are these photos from after Hurricane Katrina? I feel like I've seen these in jumbo size photos at a MOMA exhibit.

Killzoner992288d ago ShowReplies(2)
ifritAlkhemyst2288d ago

Ah, I further explored the link and they're unrelated. The Katrina devastation photos were incredible.

Killzoner992288d ago

Simply amazing that Naughty Dog could craft such a beautiful world. This just proves how ahead of the curve the PS3 is.

cunnilumpkin2288d ago

basically what the last of us would look like on a nice pc

GenericNameHere2288d ago

You have a decent enough PC able to run most games at even 720p 60+ fps, you should be able to afford a PS3 now.

cunnilumpkin2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

played it on ps3, enjoyed it, great story

graphics looked 8 years old though, like all console games, jaggies everywhere, sub-hd textures everywhere, all models horribly low res, this is just the reality of an 8 year old machine, its stuck with 2006 graphics

would have been so much better on pc in native 1920x1080p at 60 frames with 8x msaa

GenericNameHere2288d ago

I agree that the game in some places had really really low-red textures, jaggies, etc., but that shouldn't be the only thing you should be looking for in a game.
Here are a few examples:
•trees popping in when you go horse riding
•your shadows have bad jaggies
•the building from the demo (it's also preset in the full game), after you fight the second Clicker, and go through the scaffolding, look behind you, and the sky has upside-down shadows of the buildings, etc.

However, they didn't stop me from enjoying the game. I don't go and say, "oh bloody heck! This game has jaggies? Eff this, I'm gonna return this game, and enjoy my high and mighty Gabe Newell PC instead!" The game, despite having rough areas, also has really good looking areas too. PC gamers port beg so much, might as well stop making handheld, console, arcade, and mobile games to please them.

dcj05242288d ago

Name a game released in 2006 that has these graphics. Go on. Anyway the game looks good just rough and jagged ( BADUM TSSSSSS) arounf the edges.

Salooh2288d ago

I agree that's why we need ps4. But you are overreacting :) . TLOU looks too good to be in ps3. That's why it's a masterpiece :P

Lockon2288d ago

Real life looks like the last of us.

Reverent2288d ago

Lol, that's great. They should seriously have marketed it that way.

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The story is too old to be commented.