Rockstar: The Game Can Track If Anybody's A 'Bad Sport' In Grand Theft Auto Online

"Moving ahead, being an online game has its own set of perks and cons. Some players may do stuff that may not be appreciated by the community. For examples some players may shout abuse or destroy cars and honestly such instances will degrade the online experience of Grand Theft Auto. But according to Rockstar North boss, Leslie Benzies they will track such activity and are ready to deal with it."

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ZBlacktt1893d ago

Sounds like no trolling in this game, lol.

golding891893d ago

There is always cheating online because of idiots.. I really hope they can make this work.

LackTrue4K1893d ago

A game about doing criminal activity,
.....but u can't expect players to play clean...?!?

Hahaha....ok "love me some GTA!!!"

jessupj1892d ago

I like the fact if the leader of a mission doesn't cough up your share of the money you can shoot him/her in face and take it from his/her bloody corpse.

An idea I have is for R* to nominate certain high level players with a good reputation to become members of the troll police. A troll policeman/woman would have considerably more health and fire power and could quickly warp to an offending player and annihilate them and camp their respawn location until they learned their lesson.

Sweet sweet justice.

Master-H1893d ago

Just make sure no cheaters are online and everything else is fine.

clmstr1893d ago

Yeah, from what I've seen in this trailer there are so many things to do that everyone will be satisfied with the possibilities this game offers. So, the most important thing for GTA Online is to make sure none of these idiots-cheaters will spoil the truly fantastic MP experience.

ZBlacktt1893d ago

Online comes out two weeks after the single player game. So Oct 1st.

BeAGamer1893d ago

I know, I meant I want the game as soon as possible

Goro1893d ago

September 17th 2013 > September 11th 1999.

Goro1892d ago

Yes, the tragic death of Gonzalo Rodriguez, he will be missed

Goro1893d ago

Do they mean teamkillers also? RDR co-op was incredibly frustrating because almost every game you got into had at least 1 guy who just killed you all

Outsider-G1893d ago

You can report them and they will be dealt with by Rockstar.

Leslie Benzies: With a lot of these things, we don't see the problems until we actually sit in a big session and play. We've got a thing called Passive mode. If you're spawning and being killed immediately, go to Passive mode - it means you can't shoot people, but they can't shoot you. So you can just kind of hang around and get to grips with the game.

C L O U D1893d ago

I'll be cruising in my car thinking "I wish a mother******* would!"

T21892d ago

Yes and free aim only ... Hate it when I cruise and some dumbass locks onto me like a laser

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