GTA Online Trailer was Demoed on PS3, “It Would be Hard to Tell” the PS3 & Xbox 360 Versions Apart

PSLS: Back when the gameplay trailer was originally revealed for Grand Theft Auto V, it became known shortly after that the footage you saw was from the PlayStation 3 version.

As it turns out, the gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online today was from the PS3 version as well.

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TrendyGamers1892d ago

GTA Online looks great! I don't really mind the delay since it'll give me time to play the single player.

HammadTheBeast1892d ago

Here's to the mad PC fans saying it couldn't be possible. Keep petitioning and stay classy, friends.


Fishy Fingers1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Haha I haven't seen any comments along those lines. While the trailer (and game) look fantastic, it's nothing that would suggest it wouldn't be possible on current gen. It's clearly current gen.

PC gamers are clambering for platform confirmation that's all, because we all know it will happen and frankly most of my console buddies are still on the fence over whether to hold off for next gen confirmation, so I'm not sure who's posting all the "it's not possible" comments. Imagination can be a wonderful thing.

ricochetmg1892d ago

Buy a console if you wanna play gta now.

Thatmattkid1892d ago

It's great to see that the mini games like tennis and golf can be played online, and with constant input from the community creating new races, and death matches, the future looks very bright for GTA Online.

Master-H1892d ago

And to this day some PC conspiracy theorists still believe the first gameplay video was PC footage lol
Anyway, game looks badass!

1892d ago
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