Colorful Puzzle Game Wakedas Headed To Nintendo eShop On August 22

GG3 gets more news from Circle Entertainment. They'll continue to release smaller games on the Nintendo eShop with the colorful puzzle game Wakedos. A few screenshots come with the impending release.

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Wakedas Review (NWR)

"Relax, pull up a chair and play some Wakedas.

Wakedas, pronounced wa-ke-da-su, is an easy pick-up-and-play game from Circle Entertainment, the guys who have brought us such games as The 18th Gate and Witch and Hero. In Wakedas, the objective is to group all the colored blocks together. Sounds simple, right? Just because the concept is simple doesn’t mean this game will be a complete cakewalk. Although the game comes with no instructions, it’s fairly easy to figure everything out in the first minute or two. And once that’s out of the way, it’s quite an enjoyable title.", writes NintendoWorldReport.

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ChristCenteredGamer Wakedas review

Many people are familiar with the Rubik's Cube where you have to align all of the similar colors to one side of the cube. Wakedas is a one sided version where you have to slide the tiles horizontally or vertically so that all of the colors are aligned with each other.

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Looks like a fun game!

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Christ Centered Gamer. Hey guys, what country are you based in?

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What's with these religious game sites? Sick of seeing it. Who approves this crap?

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No one forced you to click through, if you don't like it then go elsewhere.


Review: Wakedas (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo: "While this puzzle title is pretty basic overall, and perhaps lacking the universal appeal found in some others puzzle games, it’ll surely appeal to a good number of fans of the genre. If it sounds like your type of game, it’s well worth a download especially at the great price of only $2.99. With hundreds of puzzles, and good replay value, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth."

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