THQ responds to "trash talking" Kurt Angle

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 publisher THQ has dismissed comments from TNA wrestling star Kurt Angle that its game "is going to look like all the other games in the past", labelling it "trash talk".

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TheKungFool3845d ago

Anyone remember when the WCW tried to F with the WWF/E?

I've seen TNA a bunch of times, and all I can say is that its no WWE. Sure, they've picked up a bunch of old WWF familiars who are well past thier primes, but after that they've got nothing.

As for the video games....meh. I play them as rentals when the stuff I really wanted was all rented out, and not much beyond that.

sonarus3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

hahaha hillarious seriously. Smackdown vs raw has gone down hill though. Its been a complete downward spiral infact

socomnick3845d ago

They both suck . WWF and tnn or whatever both suck :P

Farsendor13845d ago

wwe sucks a lot its been going downhill since 2001 and tna its almost as crappy as wwe except for the fact that it has aj styles and samoa joe

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