CVG- First look: Rockstar takes GTA Online

CVG:Ok, here's your headline: You can't play Grand Theft Auto V online at launch. In fact, GTAV doesn't have a multiplayer mode at all. What GTAV does have, is your invitation to GTA Online - and that's what leads us to Rockstar North for a 50 minute demo of, arguably, the most exciting development in GTA history.

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Wizziokid2282d ago

Ok so I just want the game now please Rockstar, you have me over-hyped

iamnsuperman2282d ago

I was just watching this thinking. How is anyone going to be able to review this game properly? So much stuff online.

Wizziokid2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

The good thing is the Online is considered a separate thing and since it comes out 2 weeks later it gives people time to either complete the SP or get far into it.

I can imagine the Online being reviewed in the same format as an MMO in stages

Gasian2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

@WizzioKid I noticed something from the trailer and I believe the story's of the online and single player are interwoven because of this. That guy with the glasses was in the previous trailer and was setting up the heists for the main characters but was not in a wheel chair. This trailer you seem him doing it for you created character in a wheel chair. So this makes me wonder if the Online takes place after the main story of the game ; when that guy becomes disabled somehow. Anyway them taking that extra time to make the online better is a real benefactor and allow people to get far into the singleplayer portion of the game. We will wait and see if that theory holds up.

orakle442282d ago

this game looks incredible, its like anything you can think of wanting to do online, you can, its there. Insane, comon sept.

Kingdom Come2282d ago

The multiplayer is only available in October.

orakle442282d ago

yea i know, but we'll have a couple weeks to play through the single player part :)

beepbopadoobop2282d ago

arghh I cant get any details on it :( anything to do with online games is blocked by work, super sad face.

andreasx2282d ago

Holy F the game looks awesome, day 1 indeed!

2282d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.