GTA Online First details: User-generated content, co-op heists and more

Plus, Rockstar outlines its ambition for a Grand Theft Auto world

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bub161888d ago

i want to play this game naked

Wizziokid1888d ago

"16 active players"

damn was hoping for more than that but tbh I can't expect more on current gen hardware. Still give it to me!!

game_infected1888d ago

Carrying around lots of cash can be a risk, but players can visit the bank to deposit money and keep it safe. rockstar is amazing

Obamanationn1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

GTA Online wont be out till Oct 1st , its basically an open world ever-expanding 16-Player(32 on PC?) MMO style sandbox Co-Op/Deathmatch mayhem with a touch of needforspeed, PlayStation Home and littlebig planet style of creating and sharing along with taking the single player content thrusted in between all the carnage for the 1st time ever in the series . I WANT IT NOW!

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