Capcom: Resident Evil 6 felt bloated, Resident Evil 7 will return to survival horror roots

MCV:The next game in the Resident Evil series will return to the game's survival horror roots, Capcom says.

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golding892281d ago

I hope so. Resident evil games has not felt like resident evil genres in quite some time now.

ZodTheRipper2281d ago

That's what they said before RE6, so don't get your hopes up lol

Irishguy952281d ago

Haha they said this for 5 and 6

2281d ago
ritsuka6662281d ago

Meh,Resident Evil died shortly after Code Veronica. Anyways, thank zeus Shiji-mikami will save Surival horror game The Evil Within in 2014..

Venox20082281d ago

actually it didnt die after code veronica, you forgot two aweeome games on gamecube re:make and re 0

ritsuka6662281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

My bad... Resident Evil remake is pretty good really.

CEOSteveBallmer2281d ago

code veronica is one of the "true" survival horror games and I tell you, its a great game and I like the story. its challenging and difficult than RE 1-3. but for me RE 4 was the best even though it started some action elements but it is still scary. RE5 is when the downfall came.

TricksterArrow2281d ago

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica was kind of boring after the first playthrough. Good game, but was too repetitive after that, with very little extras.

Also, someone stated that co-op is one of the reasons Resident Evil is doing bad. Actually, I think it's one of the only things it does right. The game can be fun in co-op, alone it's boring as hell with almost no redeeming qualities.

Survival-Horror can be made with co-op and still be scary, but it needs creativity rather than item and menu management for the players to feel really distressed as if they were alone.

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Crazay2281d ago

Resident Evil hasn't felt very "Resident Evil" since 3. I'm sick of the Majin (or whatever the hell they're called) and I'm tired of the countless mutations and abominations. Let's get back to the scary camera angles, the surprise "I just crapped my pants when that dog jumped through the window" and the feeling of desperation.

ritsuka6662281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

RE changed in 2004 with RE4 and it's just been progression of that.Shocks me that people still talk about it changing when it hasn't been the same for quite some time now.

FunkMacNasty2281d ago

I agree.. It felt like RE4 was the last truly "great" game in the series. I thought RE5 was pretty good and enjoyed it, but it got panned by a lot of gamers and critics. I haven't even played RE6 yet, as I havent heard a single good thing about it from anyone, and the price hasnt dropped enought to warrant my own investigation into said claims.

Mr-Dude2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

The series lost its appeal after Resident Evil 4...
Then the crappy "play by" chapters began, why the hell even do this?
I want that feeling back when I was a young boy, playing RE2. Man those where days... creepy and atmosferic as can be.

Now it seems, re-animated corpses can wield guns! And the protagonist can ninja kick the shit out zombies.

Ow Yeah, the one who came up with the rope climbing in RE6, should be shot!

Mounce2281d ago

Where have I heard this before....

Oh yeah....Back to its roots, Revelations was fine with that 'Step in that direction' but then they made Resident Evil 6 which wasn't really on the rail with them talking about their roots in 2012....

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TrevorPhillips2281d ago

I still have faith in Capcom! Bring RE back to what it once was!

"September 28th, Daylight...the monsters have overtaken the city. Somehow, I'm still alive"

Evil_Ryu2281d ago

that quote brings back some good memories

Benjammin252281d ago

I doubt it's going to be anything approaching survival horror unfortunately. I mean look at Resi 6. They totally abandoned the old fans. The game had four - FOUR - campaigns. Why couldn't they have made one of them old school survival horror. This is what I would have done with Resi 6. I would have kept Leon and Ada's campaigns. They were ok and had some moments that were kinda scary. I would have got rid of Chris and Jake's campaigns and replaced them with proper survival horror campaigns. Voila. The best Resi ever.

sobotz2281d ago

"Resident Evil 7" sounds off, they should reboot it and names it "Resident Evil" like Tomb Raider and Killer Instinct.

raiden-492281d ago

Yea I agree but the bad thing is if they call it Resident Evil and screw it up it will be know as a mega failure (like sonic the hedgehog or now know as sonic 06)

NYC_Gamer2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

They should just start from ground zero/reboot the franchise and forget about the current story

dark-hollow2281d ago

But noooo! Lets reboot games that nobody asked for changing like DmC.

cpapcom are clueless.

KonsoruMasuta2281d ago

I don't know. If they decide to model the RE characters after Twilight characters, like they did with DMC, I would not play a reboot.

linkenski2281d ago

Whenever an author talks about his work returning to "its roots" it usually becomes a pale imitation. I wouldn't get my hopes up.

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