Call of Duty: Ghosts - Next-Gen vs. Current-Gen

What differences can players expect to see between current-gen and next-gen versions of Ghosts? Infinity Ward explains.

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RaptgamersUnited2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Not many differences but competitively should make a difference.

Psn8002286d ago

What was all that about ?

RaptgamersUnited2286d ago

They were mentioning the acoustics in the game were enhance on next-gen which in turn will give competitive play more situational awareness through headsets.

Neonridr2287d ago

Kind of cool how your profile can carry over between systems.

It will be interesting as well to see where the Wii U fits. If they end up just making the Wii U version a carbon copy of the PS3/360 versions or if they are able to incorporate a bit more of what will be found in the PS4/XB1 versions.

Judging by the fact that Treyarch would have to revise the code to be optimized to take advantage of some of the newer features and components found in the Wii U hardware, I am guessing they will go the easy route and Copy-Paste what will be found on the PS3/360 versions.

falcon972287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Activision and Nintendo have said same graphics as Nextgen,same engine as xbox1 and ps4,tesselation ect's official kid stop pretending to not know just like ur trusty site N4G ?

Neonridr2287d ago

huh? stop pretending to not know? I asked the question because I DIDN'T know. I was hoping someone would confirm that for me. Which you seem to have done, so thank you.

Shnazzyone2286d ago

The unified profile thing is pretty cool. Wonder if it also means unified online so I can play my wii u game against my buddy with a ps4 or whatever.

It is good knowing the Wii U is the next gen version as should be expected. Better video card better equal better graphics. Only thing wii u lacks really is the processor but that's not as important since theres an secondary processor doing most the legwork on game processing in the video card.

AnteCash2287d ago

Was that current or next gen gameplay shown?

Master-H2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

PC with Xbone specs and a X1 controller from what i heard

Bhuahahaha2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

inside sources said the current gen will have a chihuahua as a companion and for the next gen you'll get a chow chow

doggie dlc are
jack russel
mini pincher
and a pug

Awesomeo30002287d ago

Wow next gen sound vibrations that's worth 60 bucks

CerebralAssassin2287d ago

Then dont buy it... your constant hate for the series does not need to be voiced every chance you get. Get over it already. Play it or dont.

brettyd2287d ago

The constant bashing of COD is very annoying, no one is forcing you to buy the game. Millions of people enjoy it, no one cares if you don't.

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