VideoGamer: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw '09 First Look

When VideoGamer interviewed TNA wrestling star Kurt Angle in February about upcoming wrestling game TNA Impact!, in which he appears, he had some interesting things to say about rival series WWE Smackdown VS Raw. Here's a summary: "Smackdown's game is going to look like all the other games in the past. I've been there. I know how much effort they put behind it. For each wrestler they usually take about two-and-a-half minutes and that's it. They (Midway) have actually spent hours with wrestlers to make this happen with TNA Impact! You're going to see it's so much more authentic. It's a no brainer. We're going to win the war, definitely." Fighting talk.

But then VideoGamer dig a little deeper and find that THQ, and developer Yuke's, have a little bit more to say about what will be the first genuine alternative to WWE in years.

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