Crunch Time for Billion-Dollar Halo Franchise as Valve Show How it's Done

Halo 4 looks to reignite the fire behind their once-dominant brand by being the lead IP at the Insomnia event later this August, hosted by Multiplay. This tournament is all-important for the continuation of Halo 4 at UK tournaments.

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pompombrum2287d ago

It's sad to see the sorry state of competitive halo. It used to be the best competitive fps experience consoles and now it's a shadow of it's former self.

GarrusVakarian2287d ago

Yeah i remember when Halo 3 was the absolute pinnacle of online fps gaming.

Mainsqueeze2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Its because 343i didn't support competitive play from the beginning anywhere near what Bungie did for H2 and H3. That plus they tried to entice COD fans by adding more COD like features instead of capitalizing on what makes Halo great. Long live the amazing days of H2 online, some of my greatest gaming experiences right there.

Godz Kastro2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Call of Duty has def taken the competitive crown. They need to do more clan integration like COD elite. Say what you want about COD but it is a very competitive game.

pompombrum2287d ago

Call of Duty took the crown not because of it's competitive merit but because it knows exactly what it is and what it's fans want and caters and adds to that little by little each year.

Halo on the other hand is suffering from an identity crisis. It's trying so hard to be more enticing to the cod crowd but in doing so sacrificing what made it so good.

Hicken2287d ago

Rather than the game itself being competitive, its player base truly is. In my opinion, there are better competitive online experiences to be had than Call of Duty.

At this point, it's really just running on its name.

Mainsqueeze2287d ago

COD has an extremely low skill cap when compared to most other shooters so no its not a very competitive game. But since it caters to so many people its the most popular competitive shooter.

danny8182287d ago

I bought a 360 in back i the day because my friend brought his 360 and i was in love with multiplayer. I wanted to get X1 for next years halo for that nostalgia but as i saw gameplay of halo 4 and what 343 industries made of halo it disaapointed me. It was boring to me and the story was abit weird with the covinent not being there anymore :'/ so sad

DeFFeR2287d ago

I think we both know the answer to that...

xGemGem2285d ago

I hope you enjoyed reading the interview. Hopefully the event will be a success. You can follow updates regarding the event @TopMidTweets or me @X_GemGem :)