Tropico 5 announced

Kalypso media today announced a new game in the popular Tropico series. Tropico 5 promises to do things a little different than fans are used to though. Not only are you charged with building a modern paradise out of modern tropical slums, you are also tasked with building a dynasty that stands the test of time and go up against up to four human players.

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ATi_Elite1891d ago

Somehow this DOES NOT surprise me, kinda like announcing another COD Game.

3-4-51890d ago

It should be good news, as long as it's not filled with bugs and almost unplayable like Tropico 3 & 4.

spartanlemur1891d ago

Are they ever going to make a Pirate Cove sequel?

Kiriel1891d ago

Yeah since Kalypso took over the franchise they've been coming out with new games and DLC like clockwork.

jackanderson19851891d ago

i love these games... maybe because they're the only ones of this genre that i am decent at

Snookies121891d ago

I still haven't played 4 yet lol. Shoot, I need to go back and continue 3... I do like some Tropico though... El Presidente is and always will be a good man. (Ya know, so long as you ignore all of the awful sleazy ways he goes about making the city successful.)

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