Daniel Bryan Is Alternate WWE 2K14 Cover Star

2K Games has revealed that Daniel Bryan has been chosen as the alternate cover star for WWE 2K14.

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BLAKHOODe1891d ago

That's the version I would pick. But how do you get it? The article didn't really say.

LeCreuset1891d ago

"These covers will be printed alongside the original Rock covers and will be up on retail stores."

BLAKHOODe1891d ago

So, they are leaving it up to the stores to decide which one they want to sell?

I wonder whats going to happen when I go into GameStop and tell them I want to preorder the Daniel Bryan copy of WWE 2K14.

Omran1891d ago

Bryan Deserve to be
in the cover

CrimsonDragon901891d ago

HELL NO! first the rock is on the front cover now the goat is on the reverse cover, that sucks. I would rather have a sexy AJ cover lol

iliimaster1891d ago

the rock on the title is a joke really i guess im all rocked out he released like 6 movies in 1 in a half years and was on raw and smackdown talking....talking.....talking ... and more talking....