If we deny children access to all computer games, we deprive them of a rich and magical experience

The Guardian newspaper has defended the video games industry on its opinion pages – in an article that suggests children whose parents stop them playing games are 'deprived'.

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Jazzzz3845d ago

Well well well.

Somebody with an intelligent take on our little industry..

Somebody get the pedastel and then put this guy on top of it.

NO_PUDding3845d ago

Agreed at little, and to person below. It's true the 'industry' isn't little in terms of revenue, but in terms of study and development, it's still very little.

Anyway, finally someone who can see sense. This guy knows people who are scared of new introductions of media aren't lookign to the future. Although I can't safely say, that I won't be adverse to soemthing that is released in the future.

I might say, "in my day we had video games". And the word video will be old enoguh to conjure up sepia toned imaginations by my grandchildren, in the same way the word vinyl does to us.

Valin3845d ago

......... as Video Games are the No. 1 (Revenue Wise) Entertainment market! But yeah probably one of the best written articles I've read in a while, except for that bit about referring to GTA:SA as GTA 3. But I'll let it slide :D

Jazzzz3845d ago

Indeed. "little" was screamingly sarcastic =P

brothersimon3845d ago

Ban PS3 Fangirls, Save the world.

NO_PUDding3845d ago

haha, barely a day after that one PS3 code article, you ahve it pasted all voer your sig.

That is just ammunition for others, becuase you obviosuly have the most unreliable console ever, rumbling like a jet plane underneath your TV.

Is it your 3rd or 4th 360 by the way?

S1nnerman3845d ago

Bubbles for the author :)

Harryhit43845d ago

I agree with this article, but

The fact that she calls herself a gamer yet calls the main character of GTA3 Carl Johnson is either quite sad or quite funny (or both).