Female ghosts face uphill battle against sexist Call Of Duty idiots

PlayStation Universe looks at the reaction from the gaming world about the inclusion of female playable soldiers for the first time in the Call Of Duty series.

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PSNintyGamer2287d ago

After watching that Call of Duty tournament video, I now know the idiocy of Call of Duty players knows no bounds.

sephiroth4202287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

which one? can you send me a link? i wanna see how stupid they really are, oh i just found it, how can they act like that :/

gaelic_laoch2287d ago

What these Knuckle draggers don't realize is that if they hook up with a chick who loves gaming they will truly have one foot in heaven and an easier life!

HammadTheBeast2287d ago

T-bagging on a whole new level, more assholes flashing their teams, and stupid emblems galore.

eezo2287d ago

tell all those morons out there to show some respect.......

Blacktric2287d ago

Majority of them are either kids or idiots who are over 18 that still act like kids. Unfortunately, that's never going to happen at this point.

I mean look at this;

You just can't have any hope left regarding this community after seeing this.

beepbopadoobop2287d ago

well that just cant be good for their blood pressure! =P Very sad!

sephiroth4202287d ago

kill them, kill them all with fire!

MrChow6662287d ago

wow I had to stop watching that, too much stupidity.
I play cod mw2 (the last cod I purchased) with a couple of friends from time to time and we are not like that at all, that kind of people are disgrace for the gaming community

Maddens Raiders2287d ago

This is why I don't and never will respect this community. I want nothing to do with it.

MiasmaDodo2287d ago

get off your high horse.

Your no better coming on N4G and lifting your nose at people you dont even know.

FunkMacNasty2287d ago

MiasmaDodo, Madden's Raiders has a fair point. there are exeptions to the rule, and there are plenty of people who play CoD and don't act like tools over the microphone. But you have to admit that the majority (or at least the majority that wear microphones) of the dedicated CoD online community typically act like racist, sexist, immature inbreds in online matches. And if you play a lot of online MP, that kind of behavior is more prevalent in the CoD online matches than any other MP game I typically play often, like Battlefield, Far Cry 3, GTAIV, etc...

CoD is the only game where I've had on-line "tough guys" ask me what city I live in so we can meet and have a legit physical fight in the real world, over a CoD match. I'm sorry, but that's just laughable. Not to mention how many times I've recieved harrassing messages during matches from other players calling me a "jew" "Faggot" or "Ni*ga" becuase I wasn't playing the way they liked, or I was too good, or not good enough and they rage out over it.

BoneIdle2287d ago

Wait a minute idiots play COD??? Who knew ??

quaneylfc2287d ago

It's not so much the COD community, its the gaming community in general. look at the ign trailer reaction and there's a sexist comment at the end from that loud prick in glasses.

he can be sexist i'll be nerdist...what a fat specky little squashead :P

Hicken2286d ago

It's not so much the gaming community, but the online community.

And it has little to do with sexism, and more to do with being an ass to everyone you meet because there's no personal accountability.

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The story is too old to be commented.