Will GTA V be more fun than Saint’s Row IV?

Reviews for Saint’s Row have hit – and it sounds like the game is everything you’ve ever wanted in a sandbox title, and more. while not every review has been glowing, those that have say it’s really quite excellent – and quite possibly the very best sandbox game.

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KonsoruMasuta1893d ago

Of course. Saints Row became crap after SR2.

ape0071893d ago

SR1 imo was the best sr game ever, man those 2006 times before ps3 and wii got released were awesome

Grap1893d ago

SR2 was really fun i put in that game more than 50 hours. SR3 not much i didn't even complete the game. SR4 is just a SR3 spin off.

iamnsuperman1893d ago

It will be a different type of fun. GTA will be more of an enjoyable experience than the goofy fun I hear SR4 is. GTA is a more serious game and I do want that in my sandbox style games but on the other side I do like to just mess around doing crazy stuff which is what SR4 is for. Different types of fun

TrevorPhillips1893d ago

Both games will be amazing in their own ways :)

It's all about having fun!

moonstormer1893d ago

sure, but SR will be more fun! :)

ape0071893d ago

i respect your opinion and yes sr is good but it's not in gta's league

KonsoruMasuta1893d ago

The only thing Saints Row will be more of than GTA is crap. Now, SR2, that was a fun game.

GavinMannion1893d ago

lol that comment fits your fat batman avatar perfectly... made me giggle

SIRHC131893d ago

I don't enjoy games that expect you to be amused after giving you unlimited airstrikes 20 minutes into the game.

So i'm anticipating GTA to be my choice.

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The story is too old to be commented.