Is Call Of Duty: Ghosts Killing Time For Next-Gen?

"Call of Duty: Ghosts was always going to be a cross-gen game. The install base that the Xbox 360 and PS3 have mean that Activision would be fools to pass up those potential sales.

The question is: with Call of Duty: Ghosts straddling two generations, is the game a glorified stop-gap, a game which is meant to kill time until a properly next-gen version of Call of Duty can be released?"

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AceBlazer132285d ago

no its cod just being cod

n4gusername2285d ago

So if CoD had destructible maps, vehicles and dedicated servers (which it does need), these are still already been dones. I hear multiple complaints, but the changes are already done in another game. So what great new FPS feature are you looking for from CoD that hasn't been done before? It probably wouldn't flow well or would turn CoD into BF or UT. These are meant to offer different experiences. I don't want Bf to be cod or vise versa.

crazyeightz2285d ago

While I agree with you unfortunately the majority of the masses that go on these boards are simple minded pigeons who doesn't think that far ahead.

Johnsonparts232285d ago

totally right. People don't have an answer they just want "change" Obama style. But if they did implement something the haters would just claim its been done before or it's not change enough. I think cod should stay cod and make the improvements it needs (ded servers, more diverse maps etc) and keep BF and other FPS's the way they are as well.

Minute Man 7212285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

I cancelled my PS4 Ghost and switched it to Battlefield 4. I'll wait til next year to get the new COD game, graphics don't look next gen enough