PS3 outselling Xbox 360 in the UK this summer

PlayStation 3 was the No.1 console of the summer in the UK with some help from 2013’s second best selling game.

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Minato-Namikaze2289d ago

Thats what happens when you have such a barren software release schedule. Even your strongholds start to fall.

sly-Famous2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

The UK is far from being an xbox stronghold.

Fact is you need to do some research before making silly comments. Selling at 1.5 to 1 hardly makes the UK a stronghold and the fact is that the trend of the PS3 outselling the 360 will continue with games like Beyond and GT6 soon to be released.

Wikkid6662289d ago

You better get your facts straight. It's actually the number 1 console there. Even ahead of the Wii.

NewMonday2289d ago

North America and the UK are dominated by the 360

Wikkid6662289d ago


360 will still remain number 1 in the UK. PS3 will be fight for number 2 spot. So stop with your fanboy comments.

KonsoruMasuta2289d ago

Yeah, UK has history of being heavily dominated. I'm a Sony fan too, but I don't let it get in the way of facts.

sly-Famous2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )


PS3 will take the No. 1 spot over the next few months because the 360 has nothing left to release(by that I mean quality) other than multiplats and with a strong PS3 exclusive release around the corner its a no brainer, denying it is foolish.

I also think it is very ironic that a fanboy tells me to stop being a fanboy........Silly stuff I tell you. ;)

Wikkid6662289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )


So you think the PS3 will out be on top in the next couple months. Good luck

Won't happen...

Fact: 360 has 3 million unit lead. PS3 only is selling a couple thousand more units per month. Do the math. If the 360 went off he market tomorrow... PS3 still wouldn't out sell the 360.

sly-Famous2289d ago


Firstly, the gap between the PS3 and the 360 in the UK is closer to 1 mil than your so-called 3mil but nice try.

" PS3 only is selling a couple thousand more units per month."

Well, at least you admit the PS3 is dominating at the moment.

Wikkid6662289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )


Please don't hesitate to share a link for your data source. I would love to see it.

And even if your source is correct 2000 units per month more than 360... it would take 500 months to over take them in sales. Just a thought.

And 2000 units above isn't called dominating.

sly-Famous2289d ago


According to VG247, Sony announced in 2012 that the PS3 has passed the 5mil mark predicting that the PS3 will fall just short of the 6mil mark by Jan 2013. Jump to June/July 2013 MS announces that the xbox passes the 8mil mark, well the math is quite simple from hear on in, not to mention the fact that the xbox had a years head start.

Wikkid6662289d ago


Xbox 360 is just about to 9 million mark
PS3 is just about to the 6 million

You do realize that PS3 only out sold 360 one month right... and that means the gap grows bigger not smaller every year.

Keep dreaming... it's ok to have dreams.

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Maddens Raiders2289d ago

And some people think that AAA exclusives don't matter.

FanboyCrusher2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Poor things must have hit their heads if they think AAA titles don't matter.

come_bom2289d ago

Who said AAA exclusives don't matter ?

FanboyCrusher2289d ago

How is this news? It's practically common knowledge at this point the PS3 outsells everywhere except in the US. Granted the 360 is doing good, it's just not outselling.

Bathyj2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

actually it's common knowledge that Xbox outsells Ps3 in the UK.

you're thinking of Europe

FanboyCrusher2289d ago

When did "everywhere" become UK. My comment was stating it was a matter of time, UK sales started to dip, and now PS3 is heading in sales. It's just how it is.

FlameHawk2289d ago

@ Fanboy, everywhere includes UK, and since Xbox does dominate in UK, your whole statement is wrong. You could have said almost everywhere but not everywhere.

gaelic_laoch2289d ago

PS+ is Selling the PS3 for SONY

ElementX2289d ago

I don't know why somebody would buy a console when the next gen is so close.

DoesUs2289d ago

Because a certain company is continuing to support the "current gen" with a slew of titles, and have done all year. Free online. People may not have the funds to go for the new consoles. Hundreds of back catalog games to choose from, most at much lower prices...

ElementX2289d ago

True however after this many years you'd think people would've already purchased a PS3 or 360.

DoesUs2289d ago

Well, in Sony's case, they are 70 mil short of what PS2 has sold, so for them, they still have an audience to try and grab. Not 70m of course, but a fair few % of that figure.

Knushwood Butt2289d ago

Yeah, MS are going to drop the 360 like a ton of bricks.

In fact, they already have.

Master-H2289d ago

3 reasons :
The Last of Us
Dark Souls II

nuff said

ElementX2289d ago

So are you saying that all of the other amazing AAA games on PS3 over the years haven't been enough incentive to buy the console? That these 3 games are finally enough to push somebody to buy one? I think that at this point there are people buying replacement consoles and maybe stocking up on an extra one to store in case their current one breaks. With backwards compatibility out of the question it's probably a good idea to have a backup unit.