Microsoft to fund Blake's 7 remake for Xbox Live service

Microsoft is to fund a remake of the cult BBC sci-fi series Blake's 7 for its Xbox Live service. Blake's 7, which was dubbed "The Dirty Dozen in space", was devised by Terry Nation, the creator of Doctor Who's Daleks, and ran for four series on BBC1 from 1978 to 1981 and became an international hit that has maintained a loyal following.

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The Meerkat2284d ago

Wow its like an analogy of what's happening at MS.

Spoiler.... They all die in the end

One by one they all die

1. The always on died.
2. The friends sharing died
3. The mandatory Kinect died.
4. The idea that people wouldn't want a headset died.
5, 6, 7. TBC

JokesOnYou2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Edit Damm meant to reply below

DoubleM702284d ago

Wow Microsoft is really swinging for the juglar. Entertainment Hub it is.

NewMonday2284d ago

I like this, hope it gets a good production budget

I'm assuming you can get the show on any device with XBL, if not people will just torrent it

WeaseL2284d ago

It will only take a couple of hours before you get it on a torrent site.

ElementX2284d ago

Yep for all the stingy people who don't pay for music, movies, games, or anything, there's torrent sites. It's pretty sad the way everybody these days feels entitled to free entertainment.

Godmars2902284d ago

As sad as a company expecting people to pay $500+$60 a month to watch a TV show?

Be one thing if we were talking about a new cable channel or something on HBO or the like, but this is content MS is trying to use to get people to buy a game console.

Fireseed2284d ago

Yeah, cause this is the only selling point they've made ever right? Forget all the games and stuff, that was all extra but this is the main reason they're hoping you buy an Xbox...

NewMonday2284d ago

some people have no option because the shows/movies they want don't get distributed in their region and are blocked on the internet by IP address verification on devices.

DevelopmentArrested2284d ago

Yes godmars. The Xbox One is $500 and $60 a year and all you get for that is one tv show. Yes my eyes are rolling.

Seems like people like you hate it when Microsoft adds to their service. Like its a bad thing getting more. Anything even a positive is turned into a negative here. If Microsoft cured childhood cancer people here would turn it into a negative.

JokesOnYou2284d ago

"As sad as a company expecting people to pay $500+$60 a month to watch a TV show?"

Godmars you mean $60 a year right?

-Yeah because you only get this TV show for $560 which will of course disable your X1 from playing all games, access to all online services, and any UI functionality NOT tied to this TV show.

corvusmd2284d ago

@Godmars290 your logic is screwed....probably why you are clearly a PS fanboy, you don't pay attention to the bigger picture....or facts in general. Saying that anyone is buying an XB1 for $560 JUST to watch blake 7 (which was just announced and relatively unknown in the US) Is like saying that someone will buy a PS4 and PSN just so they can watch netflix outside the paywall. Well done.

Yeah forget all the ACTUAL value that makes XB1 worth more than that much...let's try to make an argument that is SO absurd that it reduces the value of the whole conversation...some of you fanboys are REALLY REALLY REALLY desperate just to talk trash about the XB1, just stop being so intimidated and have fun playing games again...if you don't want an XB1...NO ONE IS FORCING YOU to get one. Trying to trash talk it over nothing just makes you look ignorant and scared.

Godmars2902284d ago

Its not enough incentive for a sci-fi fan not into console gaming, or all else the XB1 does. It wouldn't be enough for the PS4.

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DiRtY2284d ago

You mean like every TV series, videogame, movie, audio-book or CD ever produced? Didn't stop them to become a success, did it?

Fishy Fingers2284d ago

I don't think that's the point he's trying to make. Rather, it probably won't draw many people to buy Xbox live as the show will be available on torrent. Much like shows exclusive to Sky or Netflix.

Fireseed2284d ago


Actually no that's the exact point he's attempting to make. He's trying to downplay a XBL TV exclusive because he thinks everyone and their mom will simply torrent it rather than paying for it.

Fishy Fingers2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Maybe, or maybe your just a little touchy? Because other than stating a fact, he doesnt exactly give any indication as to his "agenda", so really, it's down to you to read into it what you will. I personally took it for what it is, you on the other hand, are choosing to make more of it than perhaps was intended. Who knows, but really, who cares is the question we should ask ourselves ha.

Fireseed2284d ago

Touchy, maybe. Sorry but it's an innate reaction to flat out stupid remarks. And I did not state that he has an agenda nor attempted to guess whether he comes from any one particular fanboy camp or not. I simply tried to say how stupid it is to think that just because pirating it may be an option means that everyone will do it.

Plus it's actually fairly important for everyone who reads this to care, because advocating piracy is wrong.

JokesOnYou2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

@Fishy Of course that was the point he was trying to make, you been around here long enough to know that when a guy comes into a thread with a positive headline and makes a generalized negative statement that really offers no insight besides the obvious hes just trying to downplay the product. Whats "touchy" about him pointing that out? Yes like any other TV/Movie content it will be pirated, but ultimately if its good it will still sell and be successful, and in this case its just added value for the overall X1 platform. In other words its understood about piracy but his comment is like going to every positive Killzone shadowfall thread and saying well but you have to pay for online to play the full game. OK, cool what else is new? Any comments good or bad about the merits of the game?

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Jrxbarrett2284d ago

Yeah because piracy is cool.

JokesOnYou2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

CRAIG667 yeah its because just like stealing from a retail store its why honest hardworking paying customers end up paying more for all the cheap and self entitled leeches of society. 

Anyway people like Weasel just want to hate brcause this is UNIQUE ADDED VALUE to the X1 platform but him and his buddies dont want to talk about that, no just only about piracy that happens with every other tv/movie product...sort of like walking into a conversation after overhearing "Wow, theres a new 300 sequel coming to theatre's that I'm going to go watch" then you interjecting with "Well it will be on torrents too". I'm not even debating the legal aspect I'm just saying its rude and these types of folks generally don't have many real friends outside of the anonymity of the internet.

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grassyknoll2284d ago

I can understand a company like Netflix doing this, but just for the Xbox One is madness. Paying for the console, Live & possibly the programme itself is not gonna get many people on board. More people will torrent this than watch it on the Xbox One.

Jrxbarrett2284d ago

There are plenty of people that are willing to spend money vs risking the possibilities of having the authorities bust down their doors just for a bootleg copy of a show.

grassyknoll2284d ago

I'm not saying people should do that, but the barrier of entry is far to high. Watching something on a specific device vs any internet enable device makes a big difference.

KonsoruMasuta2284d ago

I don't know where you live but authorities don't "bust down your door" for bootleg copies.

jackanderson19852284d ago

Microsoft are a business that goes beyond Xbox, they see an opportunity to reach more markets they'll take it like Amazon for example.. they're a distributor but they've moved onto TV show production (haven't heard whether they are good or bad) but it's a plan to breach another market and increase revenue sources... Sony is in tons of markets already and do movies if i'm not mistaken? Does this mean sony should stop making movies as people will torrent them

SniperControl2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Difference is, Sony/Amazon release those movies and TV shows to 6 billion people around the world via the medium of TV, cinema & web. Blake 7 & Halo are XBL exclusive shows.

jackanderson19852284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )


Then you must have serious issues with Netflix and Amazon as they've release exclusive tv shows (House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are pretty damn good in my opinion... not sure on the amazon ones read it in a cracked article before but supposedly they're meh)

MS are a business if they want to fund something they've the rights to say where it goes.. if they want to put it on their live service only that's their choice... it adds further incentive for users to get Gold

ran out of bubble so edited it here... Netflix and Amazon aren't available to all 6 billion no... Netflix is only in specific countries and I believe the Amazon service is the same thing if not even more restricted... and if you want to mention the use of proxys or whatever the xbox one is region free and could be used in all the countries with access to the internet if need be

Cherchez La Ghost2284d ago

Agreed! Now a days, original series shows are the thing.

HBO - Game of Thrones
Showtime - Californication
AMC - The Walking Dead
Cinemax - Banshee
Netflix - House of Cards

I'm mostly watching these channels for the shows instead of the movies.

SniperControl2284d ago


But netfix & Amazon still have access to 6 Billion people around the world via web, for people to watch these shows!
Can you say the same for XBL?

JokesOnYou2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Snipercontrol So? I mean I don't get the logic here, they are exclusive to promote adoption of their brand....and just like Amazon and sony pictures are pirated they don't stop making content because they still get plenty of law abiding consumers to pay. By your logic downplaying this is like downplaying the importance of a local, electronics or hardware store because you dont have access to as many cutomers as Walmart, why bother?

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Cherchez La Ghost2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Why do people still want media for free?! Do you whine to your cable company? Do you whine to your cell carrier?! Now a days, everything that is free is not what it's cracked up to be.

devwan2284d ago

This was the pick of the comments on the Guardian site:

"Because nothing says Microsoft better than a band of criminals led by a self serving sociopath looking for a leader lost in the wilderness, on board a flagship that implodes and gets replaced by something slightly worse every other year..."

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