GTAIV Bundle '150% Exclusive and Confirmed' For PS3 Only

The NeoGAF moderator that confirmed the rumors surrounding the GTAIV bundle has just posted another confirmation that, the bundle is 150% Exclusive to the PS3 and that, there are currently no plans for a 360 bundle.

He wrote: "I literally heard this morning, again, that the "official" bundle will not be available on launch day (more like weeks later). So I'd still say it isn't confirmed, but still possible.

One thing is for sure... the bundle itself is 150% confirmed, along with it being exclusive to the PS3. Absolutely 0 information about a U.S. bundle either way."

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AlterEgo3847d ago

Who is he though?

Does he work for Sony?

As much as I'd love for this to be true... 150% confirmed and exclusive sounds fishy.

Not saying he's lying...but is he credible? Somebody clarify please.

decapitator3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

THis is his site: The admin and owner. He is very legit. He confirmed the existence of the bundled when it was all smoke and no fire.

sonarus3847d ago

I find it hard to believe forum posts and i understand alterego's hesitation. However if he truly does own that site, then he is credible enough for me

decapitator3847d ago

Oh trust me, he does, If it was any other random poster, I would not do it. I know the backlash I would receive from the people on here. TnS would not have even allowed this to be approved anyway.

Firewire3847d ago

He's a journalist, who is also a mod on NeoGaf. He reports for a long time site that is very respectable. His information is always accurate, he never posts anything unless he gets confirmation on it being true!

barom3847d ago

uhm what does 150% confirmed or 150% exclusive mean?

decapitator3847d ago

Firewire explained it even better. And for the people who are skeptical, don't worry, he does not work for PSU.

fermcr3847d ago

Both companies (Sony and Microsoft) have money, so no one wants to loose. Microsoft pays for exclusive content... Sony pays for exclusive bundle. Both of them have way to match money to waist and Rockstar recieves from both ends.

Marceles3847d ago

I guess it's a way to debunk any future rumors of Xbox 360 GTA4 bundles.

wallace10003846d ago

Agreed Marceles, 150% sounds funny. Confirmed 1.5 times :-P

AlterEgo3846d ago

Cool, good enough for me. =]

Hakworth3846d ago

that would appear to be a bundle from my understanding?

decapitator3846d ago

Actually, that's an online bundle only from that Online retailer. You cannot get that from the store and its available only from that retailer.

FishFingers3846d ago

He can be anyone he wants, but UK retailers have confirmed this is launching on April 29th for £299.

His claims in this post are false and I have reported this appropriately.

CaptainHowdy3846d ago

it's a coupla weeks later to prepare for demand...they may not have enough extra free-form copies to put in PS3 with such a high demand for the game on both platforms. a couple weeks gives them some time to pony up the extras

earwax3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Let the sales figures speak for themselves........wawa,wawa,wa wa BTW I LOVE the 10 min download of MLB the show 08 to my PS3 hard drive.......... nothing like that on my 360

dan-boy3846d ago

what's to stop microsoft from saying to retailers "bundle a gta game with every new console for such and such". nothing really is there! and it would still cost less than a ps3 bundle i'm sure! exclusive and confirmed don't really matter much, if it's only a gta picture on the packaging, and microsoft can still chuck in a copy with every new machine sold!

either way, take-two still get their money for each copy sold. the only ones losing money on said bundles are the platform holders!

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Fishy Fingers3847d ago

Interesting to know how much Sony spent to get the bundle exclusive to them. I hazard a guess that it was less than the £50 million MS paid for the DLC.

Which do you think would benefit the company more, DLC or exclusive bundle?

decapitator3847d ago

I am making a prediction in response to your first sentence. I know they didn't pay '50 Million' for it. Rockstar probably probably even offered that option, but who really knows.

Expy3847d ago

Spend what? If it was any significant sum of cash we would've known of it already. I just think it's Rockstar's way of showing Sony that they do appreciate the long-term relationship they've had since the early GTA series on the Playstation's platforms.

masterg3847d ago

They didn't spend any money.
They just pay Rockstar per game sale. Meaning Sony will make whatever the gross cost of the game less per bundle sold.
Like a $450 bundle will be $50 for Rockstar and $400 for Sony.

BrianC62343847d ago

We still have no idea at all what this exclusive 360 DLC even is. It probably will just end up being a couple extra missions you have to pay for or something. Something I really could care less about too. If it was really good stuff I think it would be getting a lot of press about it. Microsoft will keep it quiet for now hoping gamers will just want extra content no matter what it is.

Palodios3846d ago

Well, supposedly this "exclusive content" may be as large as San Andreas. Whether this is true or not, I have no idea, but its been speculated by even people at rockstar.
And the thing about a bundle... it helps software companies as much as hardware companies. Think about it... you want to buy a console and you've never even heard of GTA, but you buy the bundle anyway, that's one more unit of GTA sold. Sony did it with MGS4 to scratch Konami's back, moreso than the other way around. If they paid Take Two, it probably was not that much, the bundle has several purposes for sony, one of which is keeping themselves competive in software sales for such a big game.

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wetowel3847d ago

wow was expecting this for the 360 cuz IMO they really needed it. Good for Sony tho.

TriggerHappy3847d ago

Sony just had to do something you know.

gaffyh3846d ago

Yeah I expected Sony to atleast do something, but if this bundle is exclusive, as in MS can't do their own official bundle it is a big problem for MS even if it is only in Europe (because this game is very very big in the UK alone).

I would like to see what the GTA4 DLC actually is before I make the decision of buying either version, although I'm not even on Live so I won't able to download it anyway.

akaFullMetal3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

it will help the ps3 sell better

edit: why was i kicked from the gamerzone??? my comment wasn't fanboyism, this bundle will indeed help the ps3 sell better

Jack Meahoffer3846d ago

Oh I forgot you Sony fanboys flip flop in the wind. One day someone MS does is stupid, desperate and lame then when Sony does it its the best thing ever.

Limited edition consoles
Game bundles
motion controls

Just a few examples...

I'm sure none of you will have a valid response you'll just say RROD and Xbot a couple times then pat each other on the back like the douches you are.

heyheyhey3846d ago

are M$ paying your mortgage or something? are they putting your kids through college?

i doubt it, so why are you so intent on protecting their status and integrity?

Jack Meahoffer3846d ago

I point out Sony fanboy hyprocry on this site and just like I predicted you have no response but to attack me.

Snukadaman3846d ago

Just substitute M$ with sony and you should answer that same question heyheyhey.

liquidsnake3846d ago

Shut it Jack Meahoffer, like there are no hypocrites on the 360 side.

Jack Meahoffer3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

I'm not denying there are hypocrites on the 360 side. 360 fanboys can be blind and delusional but I can't remember them flip flop every day depending on the latest news. Saying RROD isn't an issue is stupid buts its not a flip flop its just blind.

Can you name one thing 360 fanboys have flip flopped on compared to the examples I gave for Sony fanboys? Can you?

Oh I forgot about Rumble... First it was last generation now that DS3 is out rumble is the shizzit and will KILL THE 360.

Come on name and example Sony fanboys... You can't. OWNED!

t-0_ot-3846d ago

Hahaha this makes me giggle... Seeing how when a rumor was up about MS making a GTA4 Bundle.. the PS3 fanboys said that MS did that because they were "desperate." But, now.. it's no big deal. It just makes me giggle...

Jack Meahoffer - Yea, totally agree.. I wrote this before I even read your post.. haha. Doesn't it make you giggle?? It sure cracks me the fck up.. haha

Sir Ken Kutaragi - Hmm your a prime example. When the rumor was going around, you said it was stupid and cause MS was "desperate." But, now, it's a good thing, Damn, I just giggled again....

THC Cell - "i will be keeping my eye on the x box forums" You already do..... "and using all the comments to diss all u stupid x fans" You already do.....

MrBii - Awww damm, MiniMii is back..=[ t-0_ot- But, whatever, your already losing your bubbles..

Obama3846d ago

360 fanboys are not hypocrates? Are you kidding me? When they heard the fake rumor that mgs4 is comming to the 360, they all praised the game as the second comming of christ. When the rumor was busted, they bashed the game to oblivion.

captainjy3846d ago

Jack Meahoffer is completely right. When MS does it, they suck and are greedy, but if Phony does it, "it will make the POS3 sell better." Interesting how that works. And as for is MS putting my kids or myself through college, yeah, they do since I have my MCSE and soon to be, MCDBA.

Phony could give GTA 4 away and it still won't do better than on the 360 and that's a fact.

xbox3shitty3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

"Can you name one thing 360 fanboys have flip flopped on compared to the examples I gave for Sony fanboys? Can you? "



micros c0ck


leon763846d ago

...Not only will help PS3, that will be the COMPLETE END OF SH*TBOX360!!!!!!! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

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Mr_Bun3847d ago

I thought that xbox was going to be giving a free copy with the elite purchase?