‘Fruit Ninja’ Now Available on PlayStation Vita

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has announced Fruit Ninja is now available on PlayStation Vita. The Australian studio Big Ant is behind the title, and Halfbrick is now able to present the title to a whole new player base.

Fruit Ninja will feature exclusive unique features on the PlayStation Vita, alongside the original game including Arcade, Zen and Classic Modes. Players can unlock and customise their game through Sensei’s Swag and Gutsu’s Cart.

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colonel1791890d ago

Wow! Now is time to get a PS Vita! Can't miss out of this game! There's no place for competition anymore.

sprinterboy1890d ago

Worst case of sarcasm ever, u knob

PSNintyGamer1890d ago

What's next Temple Run? Seriously Vita owners have absolutely no reason to taunt Smartphone gamers anymore

Jamiex661890d ago

Really? Well those owners are just silly, I love my Vita and don't see any reason to taunt smartphone owners. That's just dumb, two completely different devices offering two different experiences.

mushroomwig1890d ago

Why do people have to resort to taunting over anything? Fruit Ninja is a great game, regardless of what platform it's on.

Jesus, fanboys these days.

Captain_Mushroom1890d ago

Maybe next it'll get PlayStation All-Stars Island?

HugoDrax1890d ago

Although I own Fruit Ninja on iOS and Xbox Live, it's good to see a title released on multiple platforms. I even noticed Fruit Ninja as an arcade game at Dave & Busters, as well as Infinity Blade. Maybe that should be the next game ported to Vita as well.

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