Gabes' Corner: Tips for cheaper gaming

MWEB GameZone writer, James Wernich looks at some tips you can use in order to make your gaming experience cheaper.

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HanCilliers2287d ago

Great article! Gosh, every gamer knows how this feels, so ty for the tips. I always tried to wait it out until the game would be cheaper, unless it's a title that I've been following, like the Mass Effect series

Choc_Salties2287d ago

Nicely written article! I typically respond like most stereotypical women when it comes to shoes, with regards to Steam sales. I'm waiting till Skyrim drops to $19 before i'm going near that.

That being said, there are many F2P games which are really good, and even with some buy-in, are still cheaper, and in a good number of cases, just as entertaining as your normal full-price titles. Also keep in mind, the PS4 is really pushing in the F2P market as well, if thinking about a console purchase...