Battlefield 4 Developers Criticize Xbox One Delay in Sweden and Other European Countries

MP1st - Responding to Microsoft’s announcement earlier today regarding the Xbox One’s delay in certain countries, a couple members of the video game development studio who you may know as DICE – and who are currently hard at work on the upcoming Battlefield 4 – took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the decision.

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IlluminatusV1891d ago

Hmm, indeed it is dumb of MS to launch later in Poland and Sweden because some big game developers sitting in these countries. But I think as the XB1 is not region locked, so strangers that cannot wait are able to order in UK or Germany anyway. Glad i am living in Germany.

SillyYou1891d ago

The system is not region locked, but Xbox Live is. Kannst du also vergessen :P.

BallsEye1891d ago

Before there was no official XBox LIve in Poland. People were just making UK fake accounts, not a biggie. Problem is console will be more expensive cause it will be imported from UK or DE.

Septic1891d ago

Region lock or not, this isn't really acceptable from Microsoft. I would not be pleased if I was in Sweden. If Sony can do it, there is no reason why MS cannot.

iamnsuperman1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

The only issue with that is shipping. In the EU we don't have import tax between different countries (thank god) but if you live in Sweden you are going to have to get something shipped. It will cost a lot considering the size and weight of an Xbox One. Region free is good but it is an expensive solution to the criticism. I remember getting something from Germany to the UK (small item). The shipping was twice as much as the product.

FanboyCrusher1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Would you rather them delay, or do it all at once and fail to meet demand? I'll take the first option, granted I'm lucky and I'm in Canada, but what would happen if Poland hypothetically got 10 Xbox One consoles and 20 were pre-ordered. You have a lot of angry fans. It's better to delay a launch then piss people off when they don't have a product that has been released, and that they paid for.

ZodTheRipper1891d ago

"but what would happen if Poland hypothetically got 10 Xbox One consoles and 20 were pre-ordered. You have a lot of angry fans"

I thought the problems are the Online services and languages for Kinect?
But nonetheless this console seems rushed out, I can't lose the feeling that MS simply wanted to respond to Sony and underestimated a launch like this.

slimeybrainboy1891d ago

Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland. These countries are hardly Luxemburg and Armenia. You would think that if you were organising a console release these countries would be included. It does suggest yeild rumors were true, or policy changes have held up production or something.

devwan1891d ago

@zod18 "I thought the problems are the Online services and languages for Kinect?"

Seems a rather convenient excuse. The Dutch speak English and German pretty damn well, half of Belgium speaks French, the Swiss are not too shabby at German, French and Italian - those being the 3 languages they speak there...

As for Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway... my god, these are not backwater little nowhere countries we're talking about here, they are home to some of the top game dev studios in the world!

devwan1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

@Septic Yes there is a reason - that being they clearly cannot physically match their forecasts for hardware production and have to prioritise.

Over 200 million people live in those 8 demoted countries - that's a whole lot of dissatisfied potential customers, many of whom will have the option to purchase a ps4 for around 3 months without any competition.

EDIT: replied to wrong comment, oopsie

kreate1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

How do u expext them to order from uk or germany when Microsoft is not shipping enough to meet the demand?

If there isn't enough x1 for germans, I highly doubt a polish guy gonna able to get a x1 for this holiday.

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ZBlacktt1891d ago

You remember what happened last time.....

MasterCornholio1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Your not suggesting RROD right?

I dont believe that Microsoft will be so stupid and repeat the whole RROD fiasco with the XBOX One. But it does seem like they are rushing the console to launch though.

kreate1891d ago

So sony semi-forced Microsoft to ship their console early?

CRAIG6671891d ago

It's delayed according to Microsoft in order to refine kinect's voice recognition and to finalize media/TV deals in different locals, I think there may be a bit more to it but that's what they claim.

It's obviously nothing to do with RROD,if you think that then explain to why some counties are apparently immune to it while others need more work to prevent it?

kneon1891d ago

It's more likely that they just don't have the production throughput needed to launch everywhere at once.

devwan1891d ago

@CRAIG667 "TV deals in different locals"

Can't be so - the US is the only place confirmed with day 1 TV deals.

RegorL1891d ago

So voice recognition in OS will be in Swedish then?

I guess no game developer will do that in game (well, some kids game developer might)

So we will have this frustrating situation
Talk Swedish to XBone while in OS, talk English while in game.
But what to use when giving voice OS commands while in game?

It is actually quite common to select English as system language when installing Windows on PCs...

The_KELRaTH1890d ago

I suppose it's fortunate that MS kicked themselves in the nuts earlier so reducing any real high demand!!!

gamewizard991891d ago

And yet the first bf4 dlc will come first to xbox one, I wonder how much M$ paid this time.

NeutralXP1891d ago

Battlefield 4 sucks and so do all the devs so who cares what they have to say " Cry me a river " FFS

ZBlacktt1891d ago

Not sure who looks more foolish. You or MS at this point.

gamingfriend1891d ago

Bravo ms bravo you are making it easier for people to pick up the ps4,im just lucky I was getting a ps4 anyway, my mind was clear at e3, lol ms you are soooo funny, good after your fans guys ; )

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