Pokémon X Sells Out on Amazon Japan in Less than Five Days, Pokémon Y Still Available

On August the 10th at 10 AM preorders for Pokémon X and Y were opened in Japan, and the local branch of Amazon ran out of the 3DS bundles with the game in less than nine hours, but how is the actual game by itself selling? Turns out it’s flying off the shelves as well.

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Alexious2280d ago

Never, ever liked Pokemon in any form.

Abriael2280d ago

Eh, you may be in the minority there. I'm not a lover of the series, mind you... but I can understand why people love it.

TransientDreamer2280d ago

Sitting at the lunch table with Game Boy Pockets and link cables = middle school for me.

Abriael2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

LOL. I still have my see-through purple gameboy color and its pokemon blue cart...

Yeah I didn't care too much about a console's looks back then...

mamotte2280d ago

And you're here because...?

wingman32x2280d ago

With the game launching worldwide this time, it'll be interesting to see how big of a spike this gives the 3DS. Japan going nuts over it shouldn't be a surprise, but I'm still kind of taken aback.

Bundles selling out makes sense, but selling out of the individual games is crazy. Especially with a game like Pokemon, where there's sure to be a ton of copies printed anyway.

Japan loves their Pokemon lol.

Abriael2280d ago

I'm actually not too sure it'll spike too much, what's gonna create a spike are going to be the bundles, but I doubt it'll be a LOT more than that, at least in Japan, where the 3DS has almost saturated its market.

If you look at the sales charts, even when there's a big 3DS seller (or multiple) on top of the charts, the hardware doesn't spike that much, because by now almost anyone that wants one has one.

Realplaya2279d ago

Japans Current population 125 749 107

It's safe to say they can move a ton more units in Japan.

Williamson2280d ago

Really looking forward to Pokemon x/y and everything they've showed looks great. I been watching the anime and playing the games for 15 years now lol

ricochetmg2280d ago

You have wasted your time with the anime...copy repeat . The games are still good though.

Williamson2279d ago

Lol I agree with the copy and paste and I'll add that the episodes aren't as good as they once were, but 1 episode every Saturday isn't that bad/time consuming.

GeckoPutt2279d ago

I personally enjoy watching the new episodes. Whilst they aren't as emotionally gripping as the original ones were (see rescuing Charmander, letting Butterfree go and leaving Pikachu episodes), they are still really good. Also, it also gives you a different perspective of the Pokémon themselves - and it actually tells you how their names are pronounced as well! I can happily say that I know how to correctly pronounce all 649 Pokémon now - I didn't know how to pronounce Illumise (Ee-loom-ee-say) until I watched the anime! :P

JohnApocalypse2280d ago

I thought Y would sell more because the legendary looks cooler

Kalebninja2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

lol yea weird japanese people

krontaar2280d ago

His head looks like a dog dick.

GeckoPutt2279d ago

... Well that escalated quickly...