Shacknews: Fallout 3 Preview

Bethesda Softworks has a lot to prove with Fallout 3. Not to regular hardcore gamers, of course, nor the millions of fans who have enjoyed the company's previous work with the Elder Scrolls series. It goes without saying that Bethesda's record for quality is proven.

But the Maryland-based developer took on a whole new challenge when it wrested the hallowed Fallout license from Interplay's cold, deathly grip a few years ago. Now Bethesda's unenviable task is twofold: First, bring the traditionally PC-oriented Fallout series to modern consoles and make it appeal to a broader audience who may have never touched a Fallout game before. Second, and far more difficult, build a game that honors Fallout's decade-long legacy and at least try to appease its existing hardcore audience, whose love for the franchise runs a narrow spectrum from adoration to outright fanaticism.

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