Xbox at Gamescom 2013: Wishlist writes: We’ve seen what might be on the cards from Sony and PlayStation, but what does Microsoft need to bring to the table to win over the crowd and earn back some respect for Xbox One?

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ABeastNamedTariq2281d ago

I hope that Black Tusk game is stealth like it's rumored to be.

But uhh..sorry if I'm uniformed, but what has BT developed before? (That's a serious question, I really don't know. And I can't open a second tab on this stupid app lol. Just making a simple inquiry.)

dark-hollow2281d ago

As far as I know they are a new studio previously called Microsoft Vancouver studios.

They were opened in 2012 so we haven't seen yet any of their games.

DiRtY2281d ago

New studio with staff from:

- EA (Fifa / Skate / Need for Speed)
- Relic Entertainment (Company of Heroes / Warhammer)
- Crytek (Crysis 2)
- Next Level Games (Luigis Mansion)
- Dice (Battlefield)
- Radical Entertainment (Prototype)

and a couple of others.

So the talent is there, let's see what they come up with.

robotgargoyle2281d ago

I hear Black Tusk is a new studio. With all studio closings, I'm hoping MS wrangled some talent and gave some of those folks some jobs.

The trailer at E3 looked generic to me, but we'll see. I thought the rumor was a "AAA first-person shooter on the level of Halo."

We won't know till more info is released.

iamnsuperman2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

You are not going to see Rare make games other than for the Kinect. The studio has changed now. They are also Microsoft's go to Kinect studio. It would be idiotic to have their go to studio working on something not Kinect related. They probably have the most experience being with it from day one. I see them showing off some Kinect stuff at gamescom because we haven't really seen a kinect only game.

The rest are pretty reasonable. The Halo one is interesting. I see them waiting till the VGAs to release a gameplay trailer which will be followed up by a stadge demo at E3.

No_Limit2281d ago

I am not so sure about your statement that Rare is only concentrating on Kinect. It was already spotted last summer that Rare is on a massive hiring spree to to get talent for the development of several new AAA games on the Next Xbox (which of course is the XB1).

source" eurogamer (sorry can't post link due to the new Spam filter):

["Rare is hiring for "multiple" triple-A games for the next Xbox, according to a job ad.

The job spec (spotted by Superannuation), calls for a senior product manager to help create "multiple AAA future console releases".

It suggests Rare will continue to make games in the successful Kinect Sports franchise, but also branch out with new IP. The listing says the candidate will ideally have experience in the action/adventure or FPS genres." ]

iamnsuperman2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Remember AAA doesn't necessary mean non kinect. It is all about the budget. I see this hiring thing really just making the studio larger so they can try more things the Kinect which could fall into any genre. From Microsoft's point of view it is best to keep a studio Kinect orientated then if other first party/third party are having trouble doing some Kinect stuff they loan them out (hence the experience in other genres needed. Similar to what Sony does with its first party). Remember Kinect is the big Microsoft thing this time around. Making Rare less Kinect orientated is anti productive considering they own Rare and their licenses. They could easily pass the licence onto another studio

robotgargoyle2281d ago

While RARE has done well with Kinect, the hope is that they can make some noise this upcoming generation.

Bringing back Killer Instinct was step in the right direction.

I think the skepticism lies with the fact that Kameo and Perfect Dark were mediocre at best.

Plus, the also invented those awful avatars.

No_Limit2281d ago

@iamnsuperman ,

Man, why are you trying to downplay this bit of news?

Here is a bit more information from the same post as quoted by rare regarding who they are looking for on these new AAA projects.

"You will have a successful history of releasing exceptional AAA games and these will ideally be in the Action/Adventure or FPS genre but this is not essential."

Sorry, Action/Adventure and FPS genre and Kinect casual games do not go together. It sounds more like a new Bonjo/Conker and a new Perfect Dark to me.

iamnsuperman2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I wasn't downplaying it. I think it is better that way. A bigger studio for Kinect means more ideas are tried which means we get more innovation with the Kinect. It is good news. I think considering Microsoft's history they have always wanted the Kinect to be more hardcore. Having people who have worked on that but in a kinect environment is good for the Kinect and Microsoft. We might get some interesting Kinect things this way. But I don't think that means Rare will completely change tact especially when Microsoft has other big studios in the wings. I can see them working on the Kinect functionality side (which is why it is ideal to have that previous experience). It isn't a bad thing

christocolus2281d ago

Rare is going to make core and non core kinect games, they will actually prove themselves this gen. So I believe...

christocolus2281d ago

Rare actually has been re-organised and some of their top guys are now heading other teams withing MGS.ken lob hinted he was working on some project and before the xbox one reveal there was a rumored adventure game in the works that takes place in a sort of jungle the game was never shown even at e3 and I believe that's also going to be from rare. phil harrison also stated that there were some rare franchises that would suit the xbox one.I personally wish kameo 2 would be announced or even a proper BK game.but rare is not going to be making just kinect games this gen. Some studios are actually also rumored to be working. Multiple projects i.e rare,black tusk, lion head,343,lift. MGS osaka and good science. .

bjmartynhak2281d ago

My first wish was a live-streaming, hope they upload the videos in the same day

pacostacos2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Fable MMO would be awesome also more Ryse gameplay!

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