Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Hands-On Preview – The Next Generation of Call of Duty | X360A

X360A: "Love or hate Call of Duty, you have to respect what the franchise has done this generation of consoles. Year on year, not only is it the biggest video game release in terms of sales and what not, but in the span of 5 or so years, it's propelled itself from a much-loved first-person shooter to become the biggest entertainment release of the year. It's a humongous franchise, and that's mostly down to its multiplayer. The pick-up-and-play, fast-paced action has not only got its fair share of core gamers sinking hours into it week after week, but it's been a huge hit with the mainstream masses too. Here we are then, on the vanguard of a new generation and today attention worldwide turned to Call of Duty's next-generation offering, and we went hands-on with it to see how it was shaping up."

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mp12892286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Should i get the current gen or next gen version? Oh wait it doesn't matter, they all look alike.

CaptainPunch2286d ago

I'd go for the current gen verison, as the install base will be bigger.

spicelicka2286d ago

Seriously man save that money and try a new game, unless you're the biggest fan ever, and already buying all the new upcoming games, and have a lot of extra money, there's no point in getting cod. I was watching the reveal and it looked like crap to me.

venom062286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

love how the "previewers" always have to butter up their writing with, "love or hate Call of Duty, its this or that, its sold this and that, blah,blah,blah"..... just talk about the game and stop trying to defend it before you even talk about it.. you're showing your fanboy stripes before you even start talkin.. anyway, that DOES NOT look next-gen in no shape for or fashion. Does it look better than MW3 (which was a reskinned MW2)? yes, but that aint saying much. Doesn't matter, there will be many great game this year that will surely be better.

gedden72286d ago

Yup another article that doesn't mention net coding or anything to do with the lag.... It must be a reason for that..

famoussasjohn2286d ago

You can't really judge the netcoding when they're all running on the same network.

gedden72286d ago

EXACTLY!!!! So why not have tests and articles on that???

famoussasjohn2286d ago

gedden7 - Because they still have 2.5 months of development to go through before launch. Of course the game is going to run a lot better on the same network instead of relying on someone elses connection. The game appeared to run smooth though.