The Five Video Games to Play with 24 Hours Left to Live

The threat of death is deceptively enormous. One’s mortality is continuously pushed to the back of one’s mind day after day after day. To seriously contemplate death can lead to a gripping manifestation of utter terror and the final realization: We are all running out of time.

So here is a list of the five games one should play in their last 24 hours of life.

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Godlovesgamers1984d ago

Im sure playing a damn video game would be pretty low on your list of priorities if you knew you only had 24hrs to live. What a stupid hypothetical.

jackanderson19851983d ago

well not if everyone you knew was already dead, you were miles from anywhere decent and you loved games beyond belief

Indo1983d ago

Don't they got a Grant A Wish foundation for these kind of instances, so your last 24hrs won't be like your last 24hrs?

Godlovesgamers1983d ago

I'm pretty sure your 'last 24hrs' is going to feel like your last '24hrs' regardless.

Passenger1983d ago

One has to live a miserable playing videogames in their last hours.

I think if I´d only have 24h left, I defenitivly wouldn´t want to play a videogame.. Sorry, but this articel is tasteless and your choices are not that good to fill anyones last hours of their life. And BTW everyone who calls him-/herself a gamer has already played this stuff..