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Post Arcade: "A game which excels by making all of its moving pieces work together in unison. There are some rough patches, such as my beforementioned somewhat squiggy reaction to the storyline and the fact that the graphics sometimes seem to be pushing against the limitations of the current console generation, but it would be difficult for me to think of a more versatile or playable stealth game."

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starchild1894d ago

It really sounds fantastic. I can't wait to play it.

As far as the graphics, I think they look really good. The problem is the screen tearing. It looks pretty bad in videos I have watched. But most console games are like that these days.

I'll be getting the PC version in any case and I will be able to use v-sync and high quality texture filtering and anti-aliasing. Not to mention the PC version has a bunch of directX 11 features like tessellation and parallax mapping which will make it look even better.

comparethegame1890d ago

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