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CraveOnline writes: "So what is this mythical ‘Secret Sauce’ everyone talks about when it comes to highly addictive video games? Is it a single quality done perfectly, or is it a culmination of factors that create a deep and intriguing experience?

This is something that Activision seems to know a lot about because time and time again it cooks up a new title for the Call of Duty franchise that is just as addicting, if not more so, than the last. So out of curiosity and admiration for the astounding multiplayer platform, I accepted the invitation to the World Premier of the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer."

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dbjj120881943d ago

Wondering what the other new modes are.... Also, kind of hope they'll bring back third-person mode.

JonnyBigBoss1943d ago

Search and Rescue looks great. It keeps people from camping and popping off people from a distance. If you can't pick up the dogtag it really isn't even a kill.

1943d ago
3-4-51942d ago

* This game looks like an obvious improvement over past COD games, but not all past COD games.

BF4 still excites me more, but I'm sure this will do just fine.

knifefight1943d ago

Hoping for some good co-op, offline multiplayer. I like playing with people on my couch! ^_^

MrTrololo1943d ago

Call me crazy but i think i interested in COD ghosts. if you look at machinima cod ghost multiplayer trailers and previews,you understand why. Guess COD improved a little bit better

Matt6661942d ago

not really its still basically the same game that IW make every other year & with machinima all they care all is quick scoping and no scoping

Majin-vegeta1943d ago

It's kinda hard to take you seriously with that avatar and name :P.

spike1943d ago

Not sure which copy and paste game i want for next gen. Ghost or Madden?