Google Glass’s First Shooting Game Is Coming Soon

Sean McCracken, one of the winners of If I Had Glass contest has revealed details of his first game made for Google Glass, it's also the first shooting game of Google Glass. The game is called Psyclops, and it's "almost done" and will be "like a 3D Space Invaders mixed with Missile Command".

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Bigpappy1988d ago

I wonder how many kids are going to get shot in real life screwing around with shooting games on the streets.

Eldyraen1988d ago

Probably less than those that get hit by cars as weren't paying attention.

1987d ago
Neixus1987d ago

Please don't be on a gaming site if you believe video games induce violence

Bigpappy1987d ago

No! don't go there. Check my history on that topic. That has nothing to do with what I am saying.

If you have people wanking around with glasses on pretending to be shooting on American streets, you can very easily have one of those trigger happy cops take them out and say he thought he was going to shoot. This is especially the case at night.

I specifically said "on the streets".

Neixus1987d ago

@bigpappy, oh okay, sorry. Misunderstood what you meant.

Everyone makes mistakes

dark-hollow1987d ago

Now you would look even more of an asshat wearing that thing.

1987d ago
Thatmattkid1987d ago

He sounds completely stoned!