The 2013 FPS Battle: Does Killzone Beat BF4 And Ghosts?

Three major shooters will be competing for the overall FPS crown later this year. Does the PS4 exclusive have the edge in terms of quality?

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ZBlacktt2282d ago

Well, Killzone has always been about quality. But it would be nice if they would show some new game play. Since it is a launch title.

PSVita2282d ago

I'm sure they will at games con..and even though they areall shooter it doesn't mean they're in the same league. To each his own because they're very different in terms of gameplay. I played them all(previous games) and honestly KZ stand out more. I didn't like the story at all but the online was fantastic. That's just my opinion.

ZBlacktt2282d ago

Yes, I've plated/mastered KZ2/KZ3 and KZ3's PSN online. I really enjoyed them a lot.

ATi_Elite2282d ago

Single Player: Killzone wins hands down. KZ is ALL about the SP mode/story. Great mix of action and a good story where the SP modes in COD and BF are just a bonus and not the main feature.

Multiplayer: KZ is still trying to find it's MP legs and gets better every game but COD has it's followers and nothing is as good as Battlefield Conquest Mode (well except Arma 3 but that's another article).

So all in All KZ is a good mix but should NEVER be compared to COD/BF ESPECIALLY when KZ is all about competing with HALO!

KZ vs. Halo is the question that should be asked.

TekoIie2282d ago

Can't say for sure yet. Need to see MP gameplay.

medman2282d ago

I have my PS4 launch bundle with Killzone preordered. I will also be purchasing Battlefield. I was finished with Cod years ago. I'll see what the Cod game that is being developed with next gen totally the focus looks and plays like come fall 2014. I haven't seen anything from Ghost to wow me.

creatchee2282d ago

I've never liked Killzone, to be honest. I've played COD the most this gen, but Battlefield 4 looks like it will be taking a lot of my time next gen.

jjb19812282d ago

I've always liked killzone especially kz2. I hope Shadow Fall is more like KZ2 than 3. I think the art style will be if higher quality than bf4 but the multiplayer can't compare to bf4

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