Dragon’s Crown Will be Released in Europe on October the 11th

NIS America just officially announced a release date for Dragon’s Crown in Europe. The critically acclaimed beat ‘em up will hit the shelves of the Old Continent on October the 11th.

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miyamoto1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Better Late than never...

At 1.35 GB this game is a breath of fresh air to the industry

This game resonates so damn well with sexy female gamers too

like Lisa Milambri

Thirty3Three1943d ago

And 900mb for the Vita version! Pretty amazing to have all that data jampacked into that many megabytes!

Yi-Long1943d ago

The USA version is missing the option for the original Japanese voices.

I really REALLY hope the European release WILL have that option, because the game looks awesome.

However, I'm skeptical of that happening. Sadly.

miyamoto1943d ago


My Canadian version has Japanese Character voice acting option

1.35 GB jam packed with hundreds of hours of game play and features.
Dragon's Crown is indeed a treasure chest of gaming awesomeness!

slivery1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )


I don't know where you heard that but the US version has Japanese voices. You can choose for each character whether you want to use English or Japanese voices before you create them.

I own it and have been using them.

1942d ago
Yi-Long1942d ago

That's just the character's voice.

Narrator can't be changed to original Japanese.

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BXbomber1943d ago

DAMN, well good thing i'm in the USA

1943d ago
Inception1943d ago

I don't know if my EU friends can hold any longer to play those boobs >:D

HugoDrax1943d ago

Seeing the images that represents this game, reminds me of the scene in Tropic Thunder when Danny McBride yells out " Big A** T**ties"

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The story is too old to be commented.