The Amazon Games Console: A Threat Analysis, and New Dev Details

With the recent rumblings of Amazon entering the home console market with an Android based device, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan discuss what this could mean for the Ouya, Google, the PS4, Xbox One and the Wii U. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1988d ago

Oh, so that’s why you can’t get a PS4 on Amazon.

Foolsjoker1988d ago

and why you can still get an Xbox one?

dbjj120881988d ago

Based on Ouya, I'd say it's no threat at all.

cleft51987d ago

Ouya was a bad idea from the start. I was surprised they even released a console to the marketplace at all. The Ouya team was essentially trying to take the idea of a closed market that consoles developers like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have and apply them to an Android based console that was very cheap.

The idea of an Android based console is still a good one. Many people would love to play their apps on there TV. There is certainly a market for this idea and if anyone can pull it off it would probably be Amazon. The problem here is that Android based games still get the backseat to iOs games. Maybe they could change that with this, but only time will tell.

knifefight1988d ago

Is this the year that everyone decides that they are also a hardware manufacturer?

jukins1987d ago

well amazon probably has a better chance to succeed than anyone besides the big console manufacturers because of the content they have and steam like deals they'd probably be able to make. But as far as a threat to the big 3 gaming consoles its still gonna be a filled with tons of lackluster android games.

If they go the route of an all in one media device they might be able to pull it off.

GryestOfBluSkies1987d ago

i can't imagine that an android based console would even be in competition with ps4 xbox or wii u. its kind of its own thing