5 ways the Diablo III expansion could improve upon its predecessor

Love it or hate it, Diablo III had some issues. Now that Blizzard is starting to tease the expansion, here are some things they could do to make things better.

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MWH1892d ago

the game should go back to formula.

Narutone661892d ago

Off line play is my number one wish list. I don't know how many times I've died due to lag when someone join in.

WhateverBlah1892d ago

D3 is garbage & nothing can change that, the skill system is garbage, no stats points, no skill points, no skill tree, cartoony shity graphics, dark-Gothic atmosphere nowhere to be found, real-money auction house where u can buy everything for a few bucks so no reason to even trade anymore... the list goes on & on, this game is not Diablo & for any1 who call it like that it's a disgrace to the original Diablo games & the talented team who created the "original" Diablo games.

JeepGamer1892d ago

Rampant botting did so much damage to that game that I don't think they can repair it.

pandehz1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I never had much issues with D3.

Play a lot of it and its by far the most fun Arpg out there according to me.

Played T2 and well its ok not as great as ppl make it out to be, cant be compared to Diablo. D3 has that twitch feel about it that I love and hope by changing things in the expansion they don't lose that.

All I want for D3 are:

1.New Areas with interesting encounters and bosses.
2.More gear maybe but try and avoid the BIS system so that all kinds of customs are usable.
3.Provide free AR by level if possible. My Paragon 45 DH is better than many Paragon 100's out there. Makes paragoning*more than just an xp,mf thing then with minor stat improvements.

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