How not to act at a Call of Duty tournament "Talking trash is an integral part of the Call of Duty culture, but there is a point where it goes too far. One team crossed the line with their trash talking that resulted in them losing a sponsorship."

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TheOneWhoIsTornApart1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

This is so incredibly awkward to watch. Wow. I have nothing more to add.

Edit. These kids give gamers a bad name. These guys are a disgrace.

pompombrum1893d ago

Lol, I wonder if they are this bad over XBL/PSN? Like seriously, when I was living with my mum, if she heard me act like that, I'd be stuck in a straight jacket and admitted to a mental hospital.

Wow though, these guys sound more desperate than anything with their poor trash talk.

pedrof931893d ago


i bub u up

ZBlacktt1893d ago

That is the point to the whole story. They lost their sponsor because of their conduct. But lets be honest here. This is a very intense sport/event. Has anyone ever raged before in a video game? A boss fight? A super hard setting? Now add live players in the mix and have them sitting right across from you. Pretty common sense they are all going to get caught up in the moment. I think if they knew then what they know now. None of them would have acted out. But I guess they learned the hard way.

pompombrum1893d ago

That's not raging from a game, that's school ground banter at best. They get hyped up and caught in the heat of the moment but lets be honest, they're killing their own game's chance at being taken seriously with stuff like that. COD "esports" will never amount to much because no company of merit will want to involve themselves when players conduct themselves like 10 year olds having a verbal fight.

ZBlacktt1893d ago

I'm more then aware what's going on. The conduct is still the same and losing ones barring like that is down right embarrassing to everyone evolved. The teams coaches should get their players in check. But hey, if the coaches don't know any better. Neither will the players. Well, until now at least.

SniperControl1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )


"This is a very intense sport/event"

This is not directed at you dude, but so called esports!

Iam sorry, this is not SPORT, sport is where we get off our lazy arse and do something like, football, tennis, golf, running.
Not sat some in some dark, smelly room in front of a TV shouting abuse about some person on the other side of the world.

People seriously need a reality check.

reko1893d ago


since when did cod become a sport??

p0tat0stix1893d ago

It's an "E-sport"

I don't think anyone was under the impression that it involved athletic ability.

I'm sure it can get as heated as any other competitive event. These kids just lost their composure, or never had any.

rainslacker1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

There's a difference between a sport and a game. A sport requires athletic ability of some sort, as well as most cases.

Wrestling may be mostly fake, but it takes athletic ability and skill to look good. Golf may be boring to many, but takes skill, and a bit of endurance. Skeet, or other forms of shooting, also require a level of endurance, athletic ability, and skill. In this way they can all be considered sports.

Chess is a game. It requires no athletic ability, but requires a vast amount of skill to be professional in it. This is why Chess can have a professional circuit similar to COD "E-Sports". The only thing considered athletic in E-Sport types of games, and it's a stretch, is pressing buttons. If this were DDR or something, then yeah, maybe it could be a sport.

However, in this way these competitions are games, or non-sporting tournaments if you will. They are not sports.

The "E-Sports" moniker is just there for marketing purposes.

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SniperControl1893d ago

it is morons like these that i stopped playing online, total disgrace.

ABizzel11893d ago

Agreed. I have a mic, but I rarely talk because 9/10 you're dealing with an idiot.

I must say the VAST majority of my poor online experiences have been on XBL, and I guess that's because PS3 didn't come with a mic and it was too expensive at the time for you average [email protected] to afford, but I've ran into a couple on there as well.

It's a shame that people are allowed to act like this online and on the internet.

Hopefully you'll be able to use the Game DVR feature to record these disgraces when they're at their best (or in this case worse) and easily report them for their behavior. Perma-bans will be strong this gen if that's possible, an having to pay a $60 fee will check their behavior and prevent false cases from being open.

Anon19741893d ago

I agree as well. I rarely game online anymore as I just have no patience for the kids today. I don't know how it ever got this bad, because it wasn't always this way, but this just isn't gaming to me. The odd time I do venture online these days, by default I mute everyone. It's not like anyone uses their mics to coordinate their efforts or contribute anyway.

And I 100% agree with ABizzel1. While there are certainly assholes on PSN as well, it's nowhere near the epidemic you have to suffer through on XBL. Thankfully, MS brought in party chat because I don't think it would be bearable otherwise. It was playing Halo 3 online that I finally said to myself "Why, exactly, am I paying for this?" before I cancelled my XBL gold.

That's the problem with giving everyone a mic (something I'm against no matter who's doing it). You give hand 100% of the idiots out there microphones, they're going to use them. Why not leave it as an optional expense so if someone wants to use a mic they have to go out of their way to make it happen. Probably cut down on 80% of the 12 year old, racist homophobe chatter out there.

I also think anonymity should be stripped. There's no place for it. Study after study has shown that people are on better behavior when their acting under their actual names. I think the internet sorely needs more accountability in general.

Tetsujin1893d ago

I'm already dreading next gen with both Sony and MS passing out free mics with the system - don't get me wrong I do like the idea that at least people on a limited budget can still communicate; however this is a major concern for gamers who talk on tactics as opposed to who slept with your mom that day.


After watching this video, I'm so glad at Evo the closest behavior was Sunday during some of the final 8 tournaments between spectators; and if I remember maybe 2 people on the Killer Instinct machines on who did the highest combo.

If I had it my way trash talking should be kept at a minimum, and after a match. Any type of swearing, racial comments, etc is automatic disqualification and revoked sponsorship.

rainslacker1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I was never a big online player to begin with, because the internet is almost always been like this, even before it was popular.

I prefer to play games to have fun, and people just ruin the experience.:(

Even when I get into an MMO, it takes a long while before I will bother getting into groups. I try to find a decent guild as quickly as possible and don't socialize much outside it because people are just a**holes most of the time.

If I decide to play online, it's usually with personal friends, but I don't really have to many that game anymore.:(

It is nice sometimes though to find those rare people that are patient and respectful to other players. This is particularly true when new to an online part of a game, or not being the best player. I do this with other people, just because it's how I would want to be treated, and nothing about any game is worth treating another person like sh*t over.

It's just a game people.


I think the good natured trash talking, like you would do among friends is perfectly fine. Just some people take this stuff way too seriously, and too many that believe that it's OK to completely demean another person because it's over the internet.

It's sad that the nature of online play is actually like this, because there are some good times to be had.

Trolls exist though. And I guess their ego is pathetic enough to have to find a way to make themselves feel better. No different than bullying really.

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sk12341893d ago

Did Gamers have a name?

Craigatorian1893d ago

This is why its an insult to call someone a CoD fanboy

FantasyStar1893d ago

I don't know anyone IRL that takes gaming as seriously as the N4G Comments section does.

BlingBlaine1893d ago

just think these guys are who m$ is marketing. Lool great community.

No thanks I will be Planetside.

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Goddammit dude...10 seconds into the video and i already cant take the second hand embarrassment.

Face palm would not begin to describe what youre about to see folks.

pacostacos1893d ago

they should have been slept by somebody

Benjammin251893d ago

I think you mean slapped. :) These guys are never going to be sleeping with anything but their teddy bears. :)

dark-hollow1893d ago

Esports, ladies and gentlemen.

aliengmr1893d ago

Mainstream sports aren't any better.

This is bad, but every "sport" has this kind of thing or worse.

Groo1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Real Mainstream sports require physical contact. If someone gets pissed at the other team, they physically take it out on the other team or let their abilities do the talking. I'm over generalizing. What we have in these vids are dumb asses that believe they are something special because they play COD, acting like 4 year olds that have on a shitty diaper. There is absolutely nothing athletic about what these retards are. Its a pretty safe bet none of them have a girlfriend.

Playing video games is not and will never be a sport. People can't just go around saying they are an athlete when they haven't earned anything athletic. I use a lot of toilet paper, does that make me an athlete somehow?

Edit: Pro gamers are not athletes and really dont deserve to be called a professional, are these guys acting professional? for the love of Heaven...

aliengmr1893d ago

And little league coaches body-checking 5 year old's is what?

I'm not debating COD's merit as a sport, simply saying that competition breeds A-holes whether its esports or physical sports.