Saints Row IV Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Continuing a franchise that has already taken things to an extreme is always a difficult hurdle to overcome. Should the next game turn it up to eleven or should it return to its roots? What if fans of the franchise find the next game in the series less enjoyable than former titles? With a game like Saints Row: The Third already being known as one of the most ridiculously titles in memory, Volition had a lot to do to top their last game, so Saints Row IV able to take things to the next level?"

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GentlemenRUs1943d ago

Guess its a good thing I pre-ordered the SUPER DANGERIOUS WUB WUB edition :D

nato251943d ago

So much good games so little time, especially with GTAV coming soon as well. Its hard to imagine this game evoloved from saints row 1

1OddWorld1942d ago

Over the top crap. Just a wannabe and never will be GTA. Game brings nothing new to the table and has always been riding GTA's coattails. If you are going to buy to sandbox games get GTA5 and Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs is a completely new take on this style of game and GTA is the master. Saints Row can suck it. And by "it" I mean my ass.

jdktech20101942d ago


People still think they're trying to be GTA? Maybe for SR1 and 2 but they've jumped over the trying to be GTA hurdle and it is it's own thing at this point.

If anything Watch Dogs is more of a GTA clone than SR4.

1OddWorld1942d ago


You believe Saints Row is original in its game play? You can not steal the core of a game and slap glossy, shiny textures on it and say I am something new and different. No your not new, your just a polished terd.

Bigpappy1942d ago

I like 1 and 2. After that it went in a direction I as a grown man can not get in to. Waaaay too crazy for my taste.

SillyYou1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Yeah because you have superpowers in GTA 5... you have crazy weapons and aliens too, right?. such a ripoff... stfu idiot.

masterabbott1942d ago

I'm getting this no matter what anyone thinks this is saints row, its going to be crazy with a slice of stupid thrown on the side just for kicks!

Pumbli1942d ago

I really liked 3 and though I won't get this around launch (I'll wait for at least a $10 price drop) I'll be getting this game.

Also Keith David is awesome, I'm very happy they brought him back into the series (albeit as himself this time around).

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