Call of Duty Ghosts: Hands-On Multiplayer Impressions -'s Vincent Deshaies got to try the multiplayer portion of the upcoming Call of Duty Ghosts running on Xbox One at today's event. He gives us his impressions on the game.

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Vinc3601891d ago

If you guys have any questions about the game or the glorious Xbox One controller, ask away on the site! I'll answer every single one I can. :)

BananaEatingSquid1891d ago

Wish you could have experienced the dog..... the DOG. Anything to say on the dog? Is he a multiplayer character you can opt to play as? THE DOG.

Vinc3601890d ago

I did! It acts as a perk and it's awesome.

Hufandpuf1890d ago

I want to know more about the controller.and where you able to run through some menus on the Xbox One?

Vinc3601890d ago

Unfortunately no, I have suspicions that the game was actually running on PC. The guide button was not functional, I did try it though. The "disable gamepad" feature in the options leads me to think it was indeed the PC version running on Xbox One specs.

Mikeyy1890d ago

This late and they still don't have playable XB ONES?

That is a concern. The graphics looked horrid for it to indeed be the "XB ONE" version.

Hufandpuf1890d ago


"This late and they still don't have playable XB ONES?"

They were playable at a recent event in Europe when people were demoing Ryse and Forza 5.

The question you SHOULD be asking is where are the PS4 demos since Sony STILL hasn't had a public testing event yet.

spaceg0st1890d ago

Yea no, how we're the XBO's rumble triggers for shooting?

Vinc3601890d ago

The game did not support the rumble triggers, no word on the final version. Too bad, I would have loved to try that!

ZBlacktt1890d ago

"glorious Xbox One controller"

It looks like the same as this Gen.... Mean while look at the PS4. ALL new design with a touch pad.... Just saying.

Vinc3601890d ago

I thought so too, until I tried it today. It actually feels a lot more different from X360's than you'd expect. Sorry about the other questions, I can't answer them all on here due to bubbles. Ask on the gamefocus site and I'll answer everything I can! :)

Master-H1890d ago

Yo did you encounter the new fish AI ?

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BananaEatingSquid1891d ago

Woohoo for greater speed and freedom of movement. That'll amp things up a bit ;)

NoonEEE1891d ago

Bioware needs to stop making cod. There are too many.... no one likes them anymore

BananaEatingSquid1891d ago

Just like Ubisoft needs to stop making Minecraft

NoonEEE1891d ago

Minecraft might be popular but at least it isnt a first person shooter

BananaEatingSquid1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

I guess you didnt get the joke

.... or the satire in my comment.

GraveLord1891d ago

30million sales each year says otherwise.

400+ concurrent daily players say otherwise.

Newsflash: people have different tastes than you. You're actually in the minority.

NoonEEE1891d ago

That doesnt mean anything. People play the games because they are bored and dont know there are better games out there. Not very many people like COD anymore because itis always the same thing.... Bioware never brings anything new to the table. Its just popular because of marketing. Maybe you like it but i think im in the majority..... playThe Last of Us.

ZBlacktt1890d ago

Game of the Year not even once. A Hackers/glitchers/boosters dream though. We see plenty of sites pop up with hacking codes. Sounds like fun....

Starbucks_Fan1890d ago

Jesus Christ how stupid can you get?!

AceBlazer131890d ago

lol your ignorance amuses me. this SOB seriously thinks bioware makes cod

ritsuka6661890d ago

People buy millions of COD all year, why stop making?

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BananaEatingSquid1891d ago

Well, I guess I will be checking this game out at launch. Youre lucky, even if Im not the biggest Call of Duty fan in the world, it would have been cool to go to the event.

BoriboyShoGUN1890d ago

(Call Of Duty) was the one game you knew all your friends would have so you purchased it, even though you knew it was most likely going to be terrible. That BS worked for like the last 2 copies I purchased, but now its hard to find a friend that "will" be buying this garbage. These games are so far from what they were originally. BUT they dont give a shit because they sell tons of copies. Not on my next system boys no way no how.

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