PlayStation 4 System Launching in November, According to Tiny Brains Developer

If you’ve never heard of Tiny Brains before, it’s an upcoming title from Spearhead Games (made from ex-EA, Ubisoft, and Eidos devs) for the Xbox Live Arcade, PC, and PlayStation 4.


Developer has said it was a guess on their part and have no insider knowledge of the release.

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doctorstrange1944d ago

Sounds logical, don't need a big brain to see that

TrendyGamers1944d ago

I read that in a Spock voice.

black0o1944d ago

no need to assume next week GamesCom

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1943d ago

LOL... I thought the "for sure" answer last week was it was coming in October.

How can so many be so sure of something every different month?!?!? Love it!

Foxgod1943d ago

But its not logical, you need a brain to be able to see.

Smoovekid1944d ago

lol, they have Tiny Brains.

showtimefolks1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

world wide sony world wide

already pre ordered mine, sony please show us some gameplay for the order 1886

both sony and MS are not even telling major 3rd party publishers about the release date of their consoles. I would love to see october but i think for ps4 we maybe looking at november/december

End of Gamescom

Kaz comes to the stage, thank you for being loyal PS fans for such a long time, see you at TGS

just one more thing, PS4 will launch on september 17th 2013 with release GTA5 bundle

good bye lol

i don't think that will ever happen but that would be awesome

Jaqen_Hghar1944d ago

especially because the 18th is a man's birthday

TrendyGamers1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I would be happy to just see Kaz, even if he just Kanye West's another companies' press conference.


"awesome" he says... are you crazy, the internet would go into meltdown. The PS4 virus would claim many sickdays leaving some countries economies and a huge downturn when some are only just starting to recover.

If sony even got a timed exclusive next gen GTAV, that along would be crazy, but release in sept... it would be an economic apocalypse

1944d ago
fermcr1944d ago

I think everybody knows that the PS4 and X1 (on 13 markets at least) are going to launch on November. The surprise would be if those consoles don't launch at November.

nirwanda1943d ago

Actually the last rumours I read was the PS4 would be out on October 21st.

nirwanda1943d ago

Vgleaks posted it and although it has been sourced from a forum vgleaks were very reliable with many other things including specs.

kewlkat0071944d ago

oh yeah, I thought it was september../s

Dir_en_grey1944d ago

Just release it asap already Sony

Ju1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Now that the X1 launch is out of the bag, the PS4 will launch at the same date, maybe some days early or not. I'm sure Sony doesn't want to run into a situation where the PS4 is sold out and only XBoxes are left. And I see no danger of direct competition for Sony here.

tracyllrkn1944d ago

Microsoft never announced a release date.

Ju1944d ago


November. Could be first or last...true. Technically Sony could plan a 2 weeks window. That would do.

JetsFool35001944d ago

If The Ps4 Sells Out It Can Be A Good Thing Too

Ju1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I'm pretty sure it'll sell out. I don't really expect to get one before January. Not lining up and not pre-ordering either (is pointless now - those are all gone anyway). I expect it to sell better than the PS3 and that was sold out till Jan or something.

And while that is all fine, I am sure Sony doesn't want to end up with empty shelves while XBones are readily available. So, no, I don't think they will start selling before MS. A couple of days maybe, not too much ahead, though, and sure not after.

Consoldtobots1943d ago

not sure I follow your logic on this one, MS certainly had no problem launching a year ahead of Sony just to get ahead of them. Of course we all know the abortion they forced the consumer base to endure.

Ju1943d ago

MS won't launch before Sony. I am quite certain about that.

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Thatguy-3101944d ago

Still hoping for a late October release date for the USA.

gamertk4211944d ago

Sorry, not gonna happen.

-Superman-1944d ago

The Sooner they release the console, the better for everyone. It´s race beetween Sony and Microsoft in November i guess.

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ABeastNamedTariq1944d ago

And why would Sony give a multiplatform developer that knowledge? That's fishy, and I'm not buying it. They're probably guessing like the article says. I WANT THAT OCTOBER LAUNCH, B**** DON'T KILL MY VIBE!

kenmid1944d ago

Is that serious question? The game is launching with the console it doesn't matter if its multiplat or not.

ABeastNamedTariq1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Completely serious. AC IV, BF4, Watch Dogs, etc. are launching with the console, right? And what do the publishers say about their next gen versions? "Also coming to next gen consoles" because they most likely are just as much in the dark as we are (I think it was Bethesda who talked about how they know just as much as us when it comes to these things). It seems like a guess.

I just...I just want the console as soon as possible, lol.

EDIT: Maybe not Watch Dogs, since it comes out in November. But I don't know.

@the good doctor(strange)

Don't..don't bring other logic into this. I'm perfectly fine living in my October-launch bubble until explicitly proven otherwise, lol..

KwietStorm1944d ago

Well Warframe launches with it, and the creative director said he didn't know the date, or at least he wasn't stupid enough to give it out.

doctorstrange1944d ago

They need to know when to have the game ready by, I'd have thought

Realplaya1944d ago

I was at target and there already advertising with a ps4 game system box that says coming soon. So I see the truth in this.

Starbucks_Fan1944d ago

"And they waiting on Kendrick like the first and the fifteenth
Threes in the air I can see you are, in sync"

Hicken1944d ago

Hopefully it's just placeholder dates, but our electronics guy at Target says right around Black Friday for both systems. The PS4's listed as 11/30/13 on the website, while the XB1 doesn't have a site-listed date, but I was told it'd be the day before Thanksgiving.

Not sure I believe either one, though.

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GentlemenRUs1944d ago

Doesn't bother me, I got plenty to do on the PS3/PSV in the meantime!

Relientk771944d ago

Sweet can't wait for November then

JewyMcJew1944d ago

I doubt a third-party developer knows the launch date. I don't even think Sony knows!

Either way we are dying here... launch launch launch!