An Update on the Western Release of Final Fantasy Type-0 Could be On the Horizon

Square has been consistently quiet and indecisive about releasing Type-0 in the west, but this could change soon if Square Enix’s CEO of the Americas and Europe Phil Rogers has his way.

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chaos_mechanica1892d ago


I need this in my life.

HammadTheBeast1892d ago

If you have the chance, play the Japanese version with the fan translated English.

This Final Fantasy game puts all the others since IX to shame.

It's downright amazing, what I'm hoping XV will be like.

-Gespenst-1892d ago

As much as I'm sure it's a fantastic game, I don't trust people with a IX bias. Mainly because it's far from my favourite in the series (it is good though, don't get me wrong).

HammadTheBeast1892d ago

It's not the best, but it's the "last good one" IMO.

AirJohnston1892d ago

Considering X is my favorite game ever (tied with TLoU), I doubt that's true for me. Lol but if it really is that great then we need this to come over, at least an HD Vita port

SonyPS41892d ago

It's one of my favorites. I actually like it as much as I did VII. Even VIII was great, IMO.

belac091892d ago

its not out yet is it? i know there was one with the disk 2 menu translated but isnt done right?

trenso11891d ago

last i checked the translation wasnt finished and i on my second play through on the Japanese version it certainly is one of the best ff

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Abriael1892d ago

Better not get hopes up too erly...

1892d ago
DragonKnight1892d ago

Don't count on it. This is Square-Enix. Unless they change the name, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

1892d ago
DragonKnight1892d ago

@disagrees: You can pout all you want to and disagree with what I'm saying but Square-Enix's track record speaks for itself. Last Remnant anyone? Versus XIII becoming FFXV and multiplat ring a bell? Any of you that trust SE to actually listen to what fans want (and before Abriael chimes in, FFXIV is not SE listening to what fans want because if it were they'd have got it right the first time) are forgetting the way they've been for 8 straight years.

Naivety is your prerogative, realism is mine.

Hicken1892d ago

It's a shame, but you can't always get what you want. Square-Enix has made some questionable choices this gen, but you and lots of others make it seem like they haven't made a good game in a decade or something.

They just haven't pleased everybody, and it's a bigger deal than ever before because internet and social media and everything else is so much bigger than it was back when even XII came out. So many of the people hating on XIII, for example, have never even played the game.

I'd argue taking a reserved approach to Square-Enix and anything they do- they DID give us TWEWY and Nier this gen, two superb titles- but I don't think too many WANT to give them much of a chance.

DragonKnight1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Well I played FFXIII. I hated FFXIII. Before FFXIII was released, my personal worse FF title was FFII. Now, FFII is by far a superior game to FFXIII. Square-Enix have earned the ire of their userbase. Foregoing logic, they took inspiration from shooters to make a Final Fantasy game. There are no two genres that are more disparate than JRPGs like Final Fantasy and FPS' like Call of Duty.

So arrogant were they, they believed they were the dictators of console success due to their success during the PS1 and PS2 eras, completely forgetting that their success was directly attributed to the fact that they put out high quality games that the majority of JRPG fans loved.

They rested on their laurels, thought they could mishandle a franchise and mistreat the fans without consequence, they foolishly offered exclusive content to a fanbase that showed no interest in said content, they lied, they delayed, and they kept using closed mega theatres to keep information away from gamers while making backdoor deals that didn't help anyone in the end.

Churning out some decent handheld games does not sound like the same company responsible for masterpieces like Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy Tactics, or Chrono Trigger.

When the company was Squaresoft, the games gracefully handled the delicate balance between story and gameplay so that even if a game technically was linear, it never felt like it was because you were still given enough freedom to poke around searching for things, talking to people, and just exploring. Now, Square-Enix are synonymous with linearity, repetition, and most recently boob jiggle. Boob jiggle. From a company that created 2 of the most long lasting JRPG masterpieces in the world in Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

Square-Enix have squandered their chances. They don't deserve the benefit of the doubt until they can show us that skill and talent that brought us the aforementioned masterpieces of gaming history.

rainslacker1892d ago

No one should get their hopes up for this game I agree. Still it's nice someone addressed it.

Hell, I say do an HD upgrade on it and release it on Vita/PS3/PS4. Otherwise a digital PSP download will suffice. The longer they wait though, the less they'll make off that route.

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Run_bare1892d ago

release on vita and I will buy vita.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1892d ago

HEll yea an exclusive Final fantasy would definitely push me to get a Vita.

Gamesgbkiller1892d ago

This game makes me want to learn Japanese.

Dan_scruggs1892d ago

Blows my mind that this hasn't gotten released yet.

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