Just how similar are the PS4 and XBOne?

SMH: It was something of a relief the other week to read that John Carmack, co-founder of Id Software and creator of the seminal Doom and Quake engines, regarded the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as "essentially identical".

I had been thinking the same thing for months, and it was nice to hear someone else echoing my thoughts.

The two upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft are both powerful machines, and both look set to be excellent investments for avid gamers. The only problem is that they are so similar in so many ways that there is little to differentiate between them for those whose budget will only allow them to buy one.

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ABeastNamedTariq2281d ago

"Now both systems will require a paid service to play online. XB1 gets a slight advantage here, as Xbox Live Gold subscriptions will carry over to the new console, meaning gamers will keep their achievement points and friend lists."

One PS+ subscription covers PS3, 4, and Vita, so what advantage does it have again?


NewMonday2281d ago

John Carmack was talking about the architecture, because for developers this means they mostly just have to re-scale the engines and do fewer re-coding for the different platforms. this is very good for the industry because it will save lots of time and money and give games a better chance of success.

DrRobotnik2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Plus every thing on live is behind a pay wall. If you don't have PS+ you can't play online multiplayer(except F2P games). If you don't have can't play.

FanboyCrusher2281d ago

Well there's no Xbox mobile gaming device, and yes your Gold membership also covers your account on 360. That's not much of an argument considering most players on the PS4 won't even have a Vita.

Both systems are practically identical now. It's all up to what exclusives you want, and what UI you want to deal with.

slivery2281d ago

Most PS4 players will be thoroughly enjoying their PS3's, PS4's and PS Vita's. A lot of people on N4G alone plan on getting a PS Vita just for remote play.

DrRobotnik2281d ago

Got my vita. Typing this comment on it right now, while on the toilet.

BLAKHOODe2281d ago

Just reading that quote, I don't see how that's a slight advantage to Xbox One.. if anything, they are the SAME in that way. Your PSN account (trophies, friends, etc.) will carry over to the PS4, as well.

slivery2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

PS+ also carries over to the PS4, what on earth are they talking about? This was already stated a lot by Sony at their first PS4 showing and considering PS+ works across PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. It would only make sense that it does.

So no, there is no advantage to Xbox Live Gold because PS+ does the same exact thing and without almost everything being behind a pay wall.


Amazing how they somehow missed all that. Do these people even use the internet? Trophies and friends list carry over on the PS4 also, it uses PSN just like the PS3 and PS Vita. Trophies and friends are all tied to your PSN account.

Talk about grasping at straws here.

McScroggz2281d ago

That quote is actually factually incorrect. For one, PlayStation Plus subscriptions carry over to the PS4 while also still being valid for the PS3 and PS Vita. Also, trophies and the friends list will carry over.

Another thing, Microsoft has stated that the friends list on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 are separate. Exactly what that means I don't know, but it's certainly possible that the friends list won't automatically carry over (though I doubt it).

I smh at the author's lack of research.

Mkai282281d ago

It means that Xbox 360 players won't be able to chat with X1 players..

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corvusmd2280d ago

Well the advantage is that it's just an all around much more powerful online service....Period...hands down..even trying to argue this point is ridiculous as it stands now. PSN's "Upgrade" puts it on par or slightly behind CURRENT XBL...the new XBL will be 20x's more powerful than that as far as dedicated servers alone (yes I know some of those servers will be used for storage, but that goes both ways...and the MS Cloud Servers compared to the Gakai ones are much much more powerful...even individually there is no comparison). MP, MMOs, and Large Sandbox games will fare MUCH MUCH better on XBL...this is why games like Titanfall have no plans to go to PSN as it currently sits. In the beginning cloud computing is a real thing, it will help with AI and Lighting, and is able to provide 500,000 updates to the console per second if needed...this will only get better as internet gets faster...but it's already an amazing start.

So in short, the answer to what advantage does it have.....Uh, the only ACTUAL advantage...and by a ton...this is the ONE area where one system crushes the other, which is why PS fanboys NEVER want to talk about it, or they just completely dismiss it because it kills their argument.

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NatureOfLogic2281d ago

From the article, "In terms of raw numbers, they are almost the same machine. Both have 8GB of memory, shared between the operating system, the graphics hardware, and general tasks. They even use the memory similarly, with the PS4 reported to be reserving 3GB for its OS, while the XB1 reserves 1GB for the OS and 2GB for the Kinect. This leaves 5GB free for other functions on both systems."

Yeah, Ok.

Rimeskeem2281d ago

Sony has yet to say how much memory is reserved for the OS

ShabbaRanks2281d ago

I wouldn’t be too worried anyway. Naughty Dog and Guerrilla games made epic games with only 128mbs of XDDR3. Imagine what they can do with 2Gbs, 3Gbs or even 5 of GDDR5 :P

Thepharaoh2281d ago

Flamebait on N4G.What a brand new concept

guitarded772281d ago

Flame bait is not exclusive to n4g.

Thepharaoh2281d ago

Yes. This site however is titled N4G News for gamers. Not FB4G flame bait for gamers

guitarded772281d ago

On an architectural level... very similar. On a network level... that remains to be seen. On a policy level they were world apart, but a big similar after MS reverted their policies. Oh... and they're both black :D

gamepostlet2281d ago

I getting both and will still have my pc and 3ds, vita. The more thing we have to plays games on the better I say.

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