Call of Duty: Ghost - Multiplayer Reveal Trailer Reaction

IGN - Watch as Bobbya1984 & Alfredo breakdown the Call of Duty: Ghost Multiplayer Reveal Trailer.

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aaron58291889d ago

watched a little bit of the reveal.. I have not played a COD since MW2.

And i gotta say... this is just..


wait for it


Same ol same ol

rustyspoon801889d ago

I literally switched over from playing Blops 2 to watch this reveal and graphically there is no difference. BF3 on current gen looks better than this.
The new game mode looks decent enough but there still aren't modes that properly reward people actually trying to get the objective.
And I'm sure I saw infected mode back which is good.

quaneylfc1888d ago

Wow, what an inspired comment, congratulations you have proven yourself to be important. maybe instead of focusing on games that are the same old you should focus on comments that are same old same old.

Don't worry im not a fanboy or nothing like that. I didn't like the last one that much...but not being an idiot, i can see the differences between this new one and the others before it.

it just makes you look petty.

aaron58291888d ago


lol... just wow

im sorry if i offended you...

1889d ago
Hazmat131889d ago

wow a female soldier awesome and "destructible'" environments. baby steps COD, baby steps. i