DS Piracy haul finds discs worth £6,000 apiece

Tut, tut. Walton Street market in Hull is the location of the latest raid by Trading Standards to show up a huge quantity of pirated DS games destined for sale to the public.

The haul was massive, turning up discs ELSPA forensic experts have apparently never seen before in the UK. Some 85,000 discs, marked 'Volume 9 DS Games', were seized in total and, it transpired, each held 200 current DS games.

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Tempist3847d ago

Man... DS pirates... Can you not afford $30 a game and trade it with friends?!

yesah3847d ago

that was their intention, they were probaly making the games to sell, probaly claiming they were the real-deal. They could make unlimited copies off thoose discs.

Tempist3847d ago

It's PSP and DS piracy in general which doesn't make sense.