OXCGN’s Saints Row IV Review- The Crackdown sequel we’ve always wanted


"Saints Row IV, though, is the epitome of what the series has been building up to. Bringing super powers and other assorted shenanigans into the mix, I can’t shake this feeling of the game being the long lost sequel to Crackdown.

And I’m perfectly content with that."

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BadCircuit1891d ago

This sounds absolutely hilarious. I'm not a Saints fan but I want to try this now.

1891d ago
gaminoz1891d ago

Dub step gun...wub wub wub

Proeliator1891d ago

So many good games coming out! August is just the beginning.

gaminoz1891d ago

And these are a bunch coming out along with a new gen of's not like it ever slowed down for X360 or PS3. Quality just seems to keep did we need a next gen?

adorie1891d ago

We don't need next gen, we want next gen, but we kind of need it to progress the industry. So bring it on, I say!

AusRogo1891d ago

Just got Payday 2, getting Splinter Cell Blacklist and this next week.. awesome month!

T21891d ago

Just what I thought , crackdown 3 !! The mechanics are seriously similar