Newsweek's N'Gai Croal On The 'Resident Evil 5' Trailer: 'This Imagery Has A History'

MTV writes:

"Earlier this week, I posted an interview with gaming journalist N'Gai Croal of Newsweek.

During our conversation about the portrayal of black people in games, we talked about the controversy surrounding the "Resident Evil 5" trailer that debuted at last year's E3.

It depicts a white protagonist going into an apparently poverty-stricken village (the location is unspecified) and killing throngs of black zombified men and women (see the trailer yourself).

Croal's reactions were so detailed and thoroughly-described that we decided to highlight them in their own post."

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decapitator3847d ago

Need more RE5 news...come on Capcom.

BachelorBrit3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Capcom are being very secretive about the game I am looking forward to it though some news on Silent Hill 5 would great while we're at it too Konami.

marinelife93847d ago

I'm black and I don't have a problem with the game or the trailer at all. It looks fantastic and I can't wait to play it. I think the majority of people could care less.

Capcom can't win with this one unfortunately if they would have made the hero black as well everyone would have faulted them for black on black crime.

George Washington3847d ago

i dont like RE5 at all. i cant stand a game that is this racist.

decapitator3847d ago

Then don't play it ? Also why click on this at all when you know you don't like the game ?....*Sigh*...Is a freaking video game, its all out of good fun. Some you dudes take sh!t too serious.

HighDefinition3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

and RE5 is NOT at all racist.

The best part of RE is going to all the ****DIFFERENT**** locations around the ****WORLD**** since in the story, the infection is spreading. Like it would in ****REALITY****

these (****) represent hints, please use your brain. Thanks.

So, kill the RE5 is racist sh!t.

acetw1n3847d ago

But its not a racist game ,the whole origin of zombie's (stop me if you heard this before) comes from a religion some were in hati or africa.

sticky doja3847d ago

Yes it comes from Haiti and Voodoo.

Drekken3847d ago

Hey look, it's George the pro-abortion poster child!!!!

Seriously George... everytime you talk I lose more faith in humanity.

socomnick3847d ago

Give Break nothing racist about the game. People didnt complain when the zombies were White or Spanish. but now that they are Black people are throwing a fit cmon give me a break. People gotta remember that they are zombies.

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Iamback3847d ago

Hmm no one was making a buzz about spaniards being killed in RE4, but for some reason when black people are involved its a big deal. Honestly i did even notice ...i mean i have noticed that there are black zombies in RE5 but it was more subconscious. Reality is i didn't care that much, just hoped that it is awesome as RE4 was.

People that notice this stuff and make big deal of it are actually racist and are full of prejudice, but fake that they are not...its just something that they "noticed" and is "not fair".

okcomputer3847d ago

Did you even read the article? Heres a quote.

“Oh, they shot Spanish zombies in ‘Resident Evil 4,’ and now ‘black zombies and that’s why people are getting upset.” The imagery is not the same. It doesn’t carry the same history, it doesn’t carry the same weight. I don’t know how to explain it more clearly than that."

I couldn't have said it better. Do I think re5 is racist, or that the devs had any racist intent? No. But I'm not completely ignorant and narrow minded, and I could see how people could find the imagery racist in nature. How about opening up your mind for a change and maybe trying to see from other people's perspectives.

Iamback3847d ago

No, you are not narrow minded, you are just a nerd that collects bubbles....seriously, no i have not read this article and dont plan to. I think i made it clear that i am not interested in any kind (positive or negative) debate about racism in games.(even if me and you are about to do it, but i wont replay anymore)
People that talk about racism are people with low self esteem, they have prejudice even if they pretend not to have any and have racist tendencies.

okcomputer3847d ago

lol so people give me bubbles, and you don't like that? thats your response?

That idiotic response and the fact that you're trashing an article you didn't even read show me you're not even worth the effort of a discussion.

sticky doja3847d ago

Yah, see things from my perspective in that life is merely an illusion in which we are the imagination of ourselves. Also, we all live in a yellow submarine, and I am God.

Many people have many different perspectives, but people with wisdom will see that most peoples perspective are far from reality.

okcomputer3847d ago

Ok then.. everything is just black and white, what you think is good and/or right must be good and/or right, because thats what you think. You can never be wrong, and no one can ever think differently from you, otherwise they're just stupid. Like that better sticky?

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Iamback3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

In the latest video that was from Famitsu(was posted on gamevideos) you can clearly see that main character(white guy) was walking through some village where normal(not zombies) people were living. They were walking around the streets, you can see it for few seconds. So not all black people in game are zombies that you have to kill. I am 100% sure that you will get ton of help from black folks, and most likely play as one. I just think that it is ridiculous to even mention this or have a debate. If it bothers you, don't play it, i know i WILL, and don't give a crap what some geek with a blog has to say on that subject. Just because he is black and a gamer does not mean he is right.

Dream Machine3847d ago

I have a feeling most of you people didn't actually *read* the article? What he says is very well thought out and put together. Regardless of the thoughtless premise, the gameplay looks rubbish anyway. As soon as they got rid of zombies in RE4 and started using the shoulder-cam view instead of fixed camera, it lost all suspense and became super-generic.

Mwaan3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

One of the best games of all time. I would choose Resident Evil 5 over Metal Gear and Gears of War.

Iamback3847d ago

You(dream machine) dont know what you are talking about. RE4 is one of the best games ever made. It is one of highest rated games ever AND they finally evolved that game after so many years.
I could bet that you never played RE4 you just said that to act cool ...well you are not

okcomputer3847d ago

Good point on the article, but you're way off on re4. The series was getting really stale before that with the fixed view and the horrible ps1 era controls. Re4 totally revived the franchise and made it good again, and was one of the best games I've ever played. I'd give it a rare 10/10, and I only hope re5 is on the same level.

Dream Machine3847d ago

Of course I've played RE4, I wouldn't comment otherwise. I do agree that the series was getting stale, but turning it into a generic (yes, generic) third person action title wasn't the way to go. Silent Hill seems to be evolving with its next installment, but keeps the terrifying atmosphere that makes it good.

Although I have to admit, the Regenerators were suitably scary.

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