Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Event Recap

IGN - Come see what Scott & Mitch thought about the Call of Duty: Ghost Multiplayer Event.

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BattleReach2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Everybody please stop submitting these Ghosts articles.

younglj012280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

CoD brand is huge so what you are asking for is impossible..

younglj012280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

I understand this was demo on the Xbox One.Is CoD:Ghost 6v6 next-gen or they waiting until later on too announce more then 6v6...

Personally if the player count is the same on next-gen consoles then I will be truly disappointed.With an increase amount of players at least on PS4/XB1 would be an vast improvement.

This reveal wasn't that good because even the audience seem like they was thinking "not this bs again"...

gamingfriend2280d ago

Well knowing cod prob 8 vs 8 on next gen and 6 vs 6 on current gen, atleast battlefield makes an effort.

Summons752280d ago

What's there to recap? It's the same exact game that we got in 2008 and looks exactly the same. The only new thig now is that you don't even need to play anymore because you earn experience while not playing.

COD folks! Diminishing gaming since 2008!