Voice Actor John Patrick Lowrie Explains Why Half Life 3 Has Not Been Released Yet

DSOGaming writes: "Ah, the beauty of rumors. Everyone was excited about Half Life 3 and some recent rumors made gamers believe that Valve would announced this highly anticipated title sometime in 2014. Well, that won't happen and according to voice actor John Patrick Lowrie (voice of the sniper in TF2 who has also worked in HL2 and DOTA2), Valve is not currently working on Half Life 3 for various reasons."

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TripC502287d ago

Half life 3 logo... Half life 3 confirmed.

cannon88002287d ago

I farted three times... half life 3 confirmed!

johnsonbat2286d ago

I walked head first into your farts with my mouth life over confirmed!

StraightPath2286d ago

Didnt bioshock infinite have elizabeth look at you where every you are and follow you around? Dont sound like a good excuse.

Kalebninja2286d ago

yea seriously who cares about people looking at you all the time i just want to finish the story...

redwin2286d ago

Hoho, sounds like another follow the controller kinect game. It'll de a 2013 Xbox One title. Lol

Fergusonxplainsall2286d ago

Just make a FMV game and have live crowbar hitting crab action on the VR goggles.

Put a couple of wooden boards and bucket puzzles..Boom!HL3

FMV will rise again!..(escapes on horse)

iamnsuperman2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Then don't use mo cap.....

In all seriousness I don't think Valve will ever make Half Life 3 because they know they could not possibly live up to the hype. Not only has the genre exploded and evolved since the last one but people are so obsessed with a third that it will always end in disappointment. Why do that? Valve is a good studio.

john22286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

If Source Engine's facial animations are based on mo-cap, then Valve will have to find a new technique. Which is essentially what Lowrie says

Pandamobile2286d ago

Source currently doesn't support facial performance capture.

SpideySpeakz2286d ago

So they're too lazy to even try?
Well if that's the case, they need to sell the IP to someone else who can do the job. Just sitting on the rights does no good for anyone, and hurts the developer's reputation overall.

MotherLight2287d ago

There is absolutely no excuse as to why we haven't seen it yet. Valve ditched Half Life for Portal and although Portal is fun on its own I don't see why both could not coexist.

I gave up all hope and its been so long I almost feel like if they did it now, it would be just for the sake of doing it. Not the sake of making a great game like Half Life 1 & 2.

ProjectVulcan2286d ago

It is frustrating.

How can you promise a series of episodes, deliver just two, and end the second on a cliff hangar to boot forcing a wait of 6 years and counting to even continue the story?

I am sure they will get round to closing the arc, it is a fight I want to finish in one way or another and have some questions answered more than any game series ever created because the quality is so high. The bar is so high.

We better have a new Half Life that can close this out within a couple years. I can see them sorting Source 2 and building the game for next gen and PC.

But then this is probably at least 2 years away or more, after L4D3 has been hinted at.

NYC_Gamer2287d ago

HL3 is one of the biggest myths within gaming

Campy da Camper2286d ago

The epitome of vaporware. Even dukenukem was not this, um, vapory.

MidnytRain2286d ago

Duke Nukes was in development for like 14 years, lol

ifritAlkhemyst2287d ago

So get rid of mocap. I much prefer traditional animation to this jerky mocap junk.

AedanClarke2286d ago

Uncharted's mocap was "jerky" to you?

theDECAY2286d ago

Or The Last of Us? I didn't see it.

ifritAlkhemyst2286d ago

I think all mocap is jerky and somewhat boring. Animators can add that extra bit of life to a character that actors covered in dots cannot. Turn your TV on mute and you'll see that Alex Vance had more character than any of Uncharted's heroines and the rest of HL2's cast was more expressive than the whole of Uncharted's.

MidnytRain2286d ago

WHAT are you talking about? The purpose of mo-cap is to AVOID jerky animations, lol

wishingW3L2286d ago

animated by hand it's what looks jerky, that's why mo-cap is so popular now.

Pandamobile2286d ago

No, animation by hand just takes longer.

ginsunuva2286d ago

Except Kratos.

He's hand-animated because they can't find any mo-cap actor that can do 20 frontflips in the air with chains.

AedanClarke2286d ago

I don't agree with that. Those black dots dots capture every important movement spot on the face just as the dots on the suit capture all the important spots for the body.

I think both are just as fine, but allow for different techniques. It really depends on the game that's being made and the animations that need to be done, honestly.

Faztkiller2286d ago

Mocap just help speed up the process most good studios like Naughty dog go in and touch up the animations by hand

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