Charlie Murder Review (ThisisXbox)

ThisisXbox: "One of the most noticeable game styles of Charlie Murder is that it plays very Old-Skool, in the way that my first impression would be to describe the game as a Golden Axe filled with Emo’s. I know they’re defined as Punk Rockers in the game, but you’ll think EMO!!! It is also quite difficult in terms of gameplay in that it doesn’t offer a constant set of save points, but it does have a reminiscence to real Arcade games where you have to actually put the effort in to get anywhere near to completion. If you die it’s a matter of starting all over again too from the beginning of the section you’re at; but a good tip is never quit to menu at all costs since you will have to start the entire thing from scratch! This of course not only adds frustration, but more longevity – in a positive way of course!"

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