My Wife, The Casual Gamer, Reacts To: Saints Row 4

Frontburnr: After deciding on The Boss’ looks (and package size), she thought it funny that there was rampant drug use, drinking and strippers in the White Crib, as it is now called. She advised that I should elect to cure cancer, punch a dick in the head and leave Josh “Nyte Blayde” Birk hanging because “he looks like an idiot, [email protected]*k that guy!” She found the whole opening action scene hilarious and summed it up nicely by stating “so, after saving the world from a nuclear disaster, you are now holding off an alien invasion from the front lawn of the White House by using a massive high-tech gun that is painted red, white and blue? This got really weird quick!”

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Donnieboi1893d ago

Lol with as many times as she's reacted to hardcore games, wouldn't that mean that she's probably no longer casual since she's been playing hardcore games?

Just a thought lol

agentxk1893d ago

You'd think except she doesn't really play, just watch most of the time.

Lego city is literally the first real game I think I've ever seen her beat

Donnieboi1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Haha! When she gonna take the next step? Can I suggest a game? Mass Effect 2--it was one of the first hardcore game that my GF actually beat. Plus she loved the fact that it had character customization that made her feel like she was in the game.

agentxk1893d ago

I have it, seriousness seems to scare her away from most games. She really wants to play Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Rushing_Punch1893d ago

LOL "Did you just fight an army of people in furry costumes while only using a giant purple dildo on a stick?”

Rhaigun1893d ago

This was the perfect direction for Saints Row to go. The first was a good experiment in great controls and sandbox gameplay, but the tone of 3 and 4 set them apart and put them on everyone's radar.