Preview of Watchdogs Hacking is Your Weapon Video [Kuma Kreations Ent.]

Kuma Wrote: You ever wonder how much tech is out there that is controlled by one main system? I would think that is a very scary thought, especially if someone knew how to penetrate the defenses of said mainframe to take control. In Watchdogs’, this is the case where the city of Chicago is run by one main computer system called “CTOS”. With that, the main protagonist Aiden Pearce can control the whole city systems with just his smart phone. The new age of technology is both a gift and a curse when you think that one man has that ability to control everyone with a small device. The messed up part is that the cities security is also run on the same system and that means that Aiden can access your own in house security camera to penetrate your private lives, but I will let the video explain more to you on this particular develop in the walk through below.

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BiggCMan2289d ago

This GAAAAAAME!!! My most excited next gen game at the moment, along with inFamous. Well it's on PS360, but honestly it's getting all the love on PS4 and XBO, may as well be next gen.

SavageKuma2289d ago

This is true. I mean give us more coming out on the launch for the new systems. I mean they obviously made it for both, but certain ones only coming out for current gen systems. However this title looks amazing.

thetruthx12289d ago

I seen this video yesterday and it reassured me that I need this game at launch

SavageKuma2289d ago

Sam here and thanks for coming through.